Weekend Recap: Over the Rainbow

Weekend Recap: Over the Rainbow

This weekend was the end of our show run.  It was a busy one!

The fun started Friday evening when our director, George, did my eye makeup before the show.  I’ve never looked more glamorous!


I had TONS of friends this weekend at the show.  While I know they didn’t ALL come to see me (but rather enjoy the show as a whole), I’m so glad they enjoyed it and took time to visit after the show.

I had coworkers (and a couple that I didn’t get a pic with)…

Zumba friends (and again, a couple that I didn’t snag a pic with)…


And most importantly, my family from Hot Springs came.  Sandy and the kids have always been big supporters of mine.  When Sandy was a teen, I remember her and Dwayne (they were like 17 at the time) coming to see me perform and compete.  Or they would all be at church when I was singing. It’s always meant so much.

Sandy took some GREAT pics with her phone.  Mom used the big camera, and I haven’t had a chance to go through the pics…so you may see more from Oz.

I posted this one on FB with the caption “It’s a shame I’m so unexpressive.”  Truth.

Dancing a jig…

“Ha ha ha, ho ho ho in the Merry Old Land of Oz”

My reaction to the witches scream…

And one more showing just how much fun I was having. 🙂

Sunday was church, lunch with the family, cleaning the theater (it’s a volunteer production…so we had to clean up when we were finished), and then the cast party.  But what made me most happy was watching my hummingbirds (there were like 10 at a time!).

How was your weekend?  Any fun adventures for you?


  1. Ooooh your eye makeup looks amazing!! Your falsies are like 20 feet long!! And I love that line of hummingbirds- so neat!

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