Weekend Recap Part 1: Friday Fun in Tulsa

Weekend Recap Part 1: Friday Fun in Tulsa

On Friday, I took a vacation day to go to Tulsa and play with mom.  We had tickets to a show Friday night…so we figured we would go spend all day exploring.

I actually was feeling a little better, despite no real diagnosis or treatment from the doctors (I’m thinking now that had to do with a REALLY bland diet and little food on Thursday).

We spent a late night Thursday at the hospital with Gram (she got dehydrated and needed fluids), so we didn’t leave quite as early Friday as planned.  When we got to Tulsa, we went to the Woodward Park area.  All we knew about it was from it being listed on TripAdvisor. It was a big complex- the Tulsa Historical Society, the Linneaus Gardens, and the Tulsa Garden Center…and the gardens and grounds were beautiful!

They had a big garden full of sunflowers….my favorite!

I could tell the gardens have sort of fallen by the wayside in the summer, as some areas weren’t as well kept. But it was still pretty.

photo 4 (3)

The two buildings on the grounds are two old mansions owned by two brothers. They are very art deco in style and really neat.  You could explore the one that houses the Tulsa Garden Center for free (the one with the Tulsa Historical Society was $5 to tour) The homes were BEAUTIFUL.  I’m talking ballrooms with ornate ceiling tiles, and the library had a golden ceiling made of 24k gold!

photo 3 (6) photo 2 (12)

Also on the grounds was a big greenhouse full of gorgeous plants, and a sculptural garden.  Really fun to explore (until it got too hot!)

photo 1 (12)  photo 1 (11)

We spent the rest of the day in Tulsa eating and shopping (we had a DELISH dinner at Yokozuna…which I paid dearly for on Saturday!), and then we headed to Broken Arrow to see Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth.  Y’all.  I have no words for this show. She was flawless and amazingly talented.

photo 2 (11)

But the craziest part was when she set up the duet “For Good” from Wicked and called for volunteers from the audience. EVERY Youtube video I’d ever seen, she talks to someone from the audience and then asks them to come on stage and sing with her. Y’all.  SHE TALKED TO ME!!!! I got to stand up during the show and we had a little convo right there.  We talked about me being from Fort Smith, and she said she lived here until 2nd grade.  She said “Do you know the words?” and I responded, “OH, do I know the words!”.  But in a strange twist, she told me to sit down and she would continue interviewing people. WHAT THE WHAT? She’s never done that in any video I’ve ever seen…

Well, turns out, since she was filming her PBS special that night, I’m sure she couldn’t just have some random person join her on stage.  So the next person she “interviews” is a precious 12 year old who gets to sing with her.  Homegirl was FLAWLESS and we are pretty sure she was a plant there for the show.  I’m sad I didn’t get to sing with her…but at least I got to talk to her (and I might be a part of her PBS special! Who knows?).

So that was our day in Tulsa…full of adventure!

The rest of the weekend coming tomorrow!

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