Weekend Recap: Part 1 Mythbusters Live

Weekend Recap: Part 1 Mythbusters Live



We had such a spectacular weekend, I’m breaking it up into two parts to recap it.

(and you won’t want to miss the video at the end of this post. Promise.)

Friday, I took a half day off at work to go on an adventure with Tyler.  He has been working in the evenings for a few weeks now, and I wanted some time together.  So we headed to Fayetteville for some fun.

We stopped and had lunch at my favorite little gourmet market, and then his favorite: Cabela’s. He has a Cabela’s card, and had some points to spend…so he bought a deer stand.


He also let me stop by Sephora for a few minutes. All was not lost to the land of guns and dead animals. 🙂 ha!

Then we made our way to the Walton Arts Center for Mythbusters Live.  We love watching the show, and I knew it would be fun to see them in person.



They did some fun stuff with us…like take a “Where’s Jamie” picture…and then they tweeted where Jamie was. 🙂



They had Adam hanging by phone books…




Did some throwing knives…


But the funniest part by far was me coming on stage for the high speed camera portion.  They asked the audience to “make fart noises with your mouth” and I guess mine was stellar because they pulled me out from the 4th row to come up and do it on stage.

Witness the awesomeness…

Yup.  Pretty funny/unflattering/hilarious at the same time.  Loved it.


After the show, we got some sushi, stopped by Kohl’s, and headed home.  A fun date night in NWA!


  1. Haaaa!! Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!!!!

  2. OMG…I’m literally crying I’m laughing so hard. That top lip just kept going. dying.

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