Weekend Recap: Part 2

Weekend Recap: Part 2

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key.

I started off Saturday morning at my friend Brandy’s ultrasound business.  She typically does gender ultrasounds, but she was checking me since I’m having all this stomach pain.  She actually did find LOTS of gallstones (which may or may not be the cause of my problem…my doctor is running more tests soon), so now I at least know to stick with a bland diet and avoid things that could irritate my gallbladder.

After my ultrasound, we had lunch with some friends who just found out they are having a baby boy.  The guys had lots of fun coming up with RIDICULOUS names for that sweet baby. Too funny. I mean, the boys came up with names like Giovanni (nothing wrong with that name…but this couple are sweet country folks!), or adding silent letters to the start of the name, like GMatthew. ha!

Then we came home and rested and chilled all evening. #justwhatIneeded

Sunday was a full morning. I was scheduled to work in the nursery during church, but we had a special speaker that I wanted to hear…so I went to the early service, then life group, then served in the nursery. I was at church all morning!

We had lunch at our house instead of eating out. With the speaker and the extra services, I didn’t want to spend tons of time out….so everyone came over to our house for a lunch of roast and potatoes. Yum!

We were back at church that afternoon for more sessions with the speaker. He was from Answers in Genesis and talked about the factuality of the events in Genesis and why they are so important. It was great!

So that was our weekend. How was yours?

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