Weekend Recap: Part 3

After the balloon ride, I sat at Tyler’s booth for a good part of the day (excluding a few hours spent doing something you’ll see tomorrow).  I ate more fair food including an Indian Taco (my favorite!).  It is like a normal taco with meat, beans, toppings and such…but instead of a tortilla, it uses Indian fry bread, which is like a fried pita kind of thing.  Soooo yummy.  After my afternoon activity, I REALLY wanted a roasted ear of corn, but they were out.  I was soooo sad that they ran out of corn!  But its ok.  I had fun despite the corn shortage.

During the day, we saw…

A frisbee dog show.  They did fun tricks and then he let all the dogs (5 or 6 of them) all out at once and they played a doggie football for the frisbee!  Really fun.

An old-fashion pitolier show.  They were shooting blanks, but it was funny to see them all dressed up funny and acting.
And the most redneck thing I’ve ever done.  Not only did I trek across the fairgrounds to watch jacked up trucks and jeeps trek across a giant mud pit, I actually cheered for them.  Go Intimidator Go!

Tomorrow, the last fun thing from my weekend!

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