Weekend Recap: Part 3

After the balloon ride Saturday I sat for a bit at Tyler’s booth.  I also got to eat some yummy fair food!  Its a wonder we didn’t all gain 5 pounds!

I ate an Indian Taco. I LOVE them!  They are like a regular taco with the meat and all the toppings, but they are on Indian fry bread instead of a tortilla.  The fry bread is like a fried pita-type thing…a little crunchy, a little thick bread…and all good.  I also REALLY wanted a roasted ear of corn after my afternoon activity (that you’ll read about tomorrow) but they ran out.  I was so sad.  But a little corn shortage didn’t ruin my day!

We saw some fun things like…

A frisbee dog show!

And old fashioned pistolier show! 

And possibly the most redneck thing I’ve ever done…watch (and cheer for) mud races!  All these jacked up trucks and jeeps trying to cross this giant mud pit.  Some made it across and some got so stuck that their engines caught fire from overheating as they tried to get out.  I got into it and cheered for them! “Go Intimidator Go!” haha!

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