Weekend Recap: Parties Galore!

Weekend Recap: Parties Galore!

We were partying fools this weekend.  We had a lot going on…and I loved every minute of it!

Friday evening, we started with my work Christmas party.  Our department (of 17 people) got together with spouses and significant others downtown at the Riverfront Pavillion.  We had dinner, drinks, karaoke, arcade games…and a GREAT night.  We got semi-fancy too- so I had an excuse to curl my hair and wear a new dress.



The karaoke was the highlight of the evening for me (duh).  Some of my favorite moments were doing a duet with my friend Devin, singing “Part of Your World” with three of the wives, doing Britney Spears with a coworker and some wives, and they even played MMMBop for me – and Devin’s girlfriend knew every “Oh” and sang it with me.  LEGIT.

Also legit, Shane and Jeremy doing Snoop Dog.




Saturday, we had one of Tyler’s police buddies and his wife over because Tyler was teaching him to shoot a bow. She and I sat outside by the fire pit drinking hot cocoa while the boys played.  It was fun.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon posted on the couch watching Christmas movies while Tyler went hunting.  He got a pretty big deer (yay!) and I watched the Grinch.



Sunday, we had church, then I spent the afternoon at mom’s sewing.  I finished Gram’s quilt!  I love it! (this was Quilt #8 for me!)



Sunday evening, we had my life group Christmas party.  I am SO thankful for these ladies.  Love them.  We had a fun time eating, having a scarf exchange, and then crafted snowflakes out of clothes pins.





So that was our party-filled weekend!  Lots of fun and laughter and friends.  We are blessed.


How was your weekend?

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