Weekend Recap: Party, 5K, and Christmas Lights!

Another AWESOME weekend.  God is really blessing me lately with lots of fun that is also relaxing and refreshing.  I love low-stress fun!  Here is the weekend recap!
Friday evening, we had a Christmas party for our Zumba instructor group.  They have become such great friends over the last year or so…so we really had a fun time together.  Lots of food, laughs, and we even had a “favorite things” swap!  

Saturday morning, bright and early, mom, Nancy, and I headed to town for our town’s Yule Run!  I was so nervous!  My friend who was supposed to run with me?  Well, her son was sick…so I was on my own.  I actually ran the whole thing!  I’ll post a recap of the race tomorrow..there is too much to say about it.

After the race, mom and I got ready and went to Fayetteville.  We had lunch, shopped a bit, and then we saw Billy Elliot the musical.  OMG…it was FANTASTIC.  We laughed, cried, saw amazing dancing and singing, and loved every minute.  
After the musical, Tyler and Nancy drove to Fayetteville and met us for sushi.

After sushi, we headed to the square to see the Lights of the Ozarks.  It was so nice out (like 60 degrees!) so we really enjoyed walking around and seeing all the lights.
Me, my momma, and a photo crasher.
My love and me
All of us…Ty, Nancy, mom, and me
The lights are so pretty!
And of course, since we were on the square, we had to have cupcakes from Bliss!  Mom and I shared a chocolate strawberry cupcake that was SO good!
Today we did church, lunch with some friends, a nap, and a Wal-Mart run.  Nothing crazy.  

This weekend was SO good.  Lots of fun, and lots of friend and family time.  How was your weekend?


  1. I have a gift card to Bliss from Paige (of approaching joy) shave gave me for my birthday that I super need to use!

  2. mmm sushi!! I think I’m going to make a date this week to go get sushi!!! good job on the 5k!!! also, Nancy and Tyler’s dad (Tony? i’m forgetting his name) were bowling next to us this Sunday!! so fun to see them!

  3. Looks like a great weekend!!! Great job on the race!!! 🙂 Hope you have a great week!!!

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