Weekend Recap: Perfect Summer Weekend & Father’s Day

Weekend Recap: Perfect Summer Weekend & Father’s Day

This weekend had nothing big going on…and it was just perfect to relax, go with the flow, and have some fun.
For starter’s on Friday, I stopped by Target after work.  They had 40% off patio furniture, and I completed our patio with two new rocking chairs!  Love it!

We ended up cooking dinner, hanging out, and chilling Friday night.  At 7 I actually fell asleep on the couch…so Tyler did some weedeating, and visited a friend down the street.  When I woke up at 10 (ha!), I was wide awake, so I watched a movie while he went to feed and play with my MIL’s dog.  It was a funny night, but I finally went to bed around midnight.
Saturday morning, mom and I hit up the Farmer’s Market downtown.  SO much beautiful produce!

I got some gorgeous flowers, some produce (purple potatoes, onions, purple cauliflower, green tomatoes) and some bison, chorizo, fresh bread, and some preserves.

When I got home, Mikey and I went for a little walk.  I think the little chunk may be losing some weight (if only I could follow suit!) from all of our walking.

The rest of Saturday consisted of lunch and a movie with my parents and grandma, and then going to my MILs to tend to her dog (she’s out of town, so we had to take care of Boomer).
Sunday, I sang at church and then we had lunch with my family.  I just love my daddy and was so glad to spend Father’s Day with him!

Sadly, Alzheimer’s didn’t allow us to enjoy our Sunday plans.  We were going to take dad on a walking tour of historic homes downtown, but the fear of the unknown is strong with him….so we didn’t go.  So I stayed at their house visiting for a bit and then came home to cook and clean.
Sunday evening, we went on a walk and then fed the catfish.  We decided to take Mikey down to the pond.  After a scary incident (little booger jumped from the golf cart!), he enjoyed being by the pond…he even got in (see his muddy paws!)

We are getting some big catfish!  This one was about 2 feet long!

When we got back, we made a fire in the firepot and made s’mores.  Perfection.

I’m ready for the week! I hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. What a perfect weekend!! But 2 foot catfish?!?! That’s insane! Do yall go noodlin for them??! Hahaha

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