Weekend Recap: Pics and Bullet Points

Weekend Recap: Pics and Bullet Points

First order of business- it’s my birthday week!  While I do have some fun things planned (concert, dinner with the family), I’d really LOVE to use my birthday for a different purpose.  If you enjoy reading this blog, if you like me enough to wish me a Happy Birthday…I’d love for you to channel that energy into giving. My friend Rachael is currently serving in Cambodia…and she is trying to raise $1,100 to fly home. She hasn’t seen her family in 2 years, and needs to come home to visit and raise more funds so she can go back. You can give online here, just select Allen, Rachael. ANY donation helps, but I suggest $27, since I’ll be turning 27. 🙂
This weekend didn’t have anything notable. But it did have lots of rest, lots of catching up on things, and lots of laughter. Here’s how it went down:
  • Friday after work, we hit up Movie Lounge to see Draft Day and eat dinner.  The movie was good, the food was good…but they’ve changed their menu (and the prices are higher!) and I wasn’t a huge fan.
  • Saturday, I slept until 9, and then I got ready to go teach Zumba. My friend Brandy is out of town, and I got to sub her class.
  • I also hit up Carrot Dirt, a local organic juice place.  I got some juices for the week.  They are SO good (and this blueberry almond milk? To die for.)
  • On the way home, I stopped by Harps to grocery shop.  I don’t usually go to Harps (it just isn’t entirely convienently located for me) but I LOVE their deals. They have 5 for $25 meat and 5 for $10 veggie packs. Got some good stuff and I’m all stocked up for healthy eating.
  • We grilled dinner Saturday night and mom and dad came over.  Chicken, hot dogs, veggies, pineapple, and corn. YUM. I also ate leftovers Sunday night for dinner.
  •  Sunday, after church, I took a nap and then I got busy outside.  I planted two rows of sunflowers by our barn.  Digging in the ground is hard!  I also helped Tyler mow.

  • Then the MOST MAGICAL thing happened while we were driving through the field.  We were going to change out the cards in the wildlife camera…and on the way back, we saw a newborn baby dear!  We almost accidentally hit it, but it jumped out of the way and we watched it hop away.  It was precious.  It’s rare to see them that tiny. (Dear not pictured, but you can see how tall our grass is in our pasture, so you can see why the baby dear was hiding there.)

How was your weekend?


  1. Made a donation; I know what it’s like to want to come home! Sweet of you to help your friend out & happy birthday! Also, please let me know where Carrot Dirt is!

    • Thanks, Emily! I hope we can bring Rachael home! Carrot Dirt is off Jenny Lind and Brooken Hill sort of behind the Subway. It’s in the same shopping center there, but around the corner. It’s a little pricey, but worth it (especially when I’ve tried juicing stuff myself…it takes a lot of produce to make a glass).

  2. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award if you want to play along. You can see it here:

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