Weekend Recap- Police Graduation and Parties

Weekend Recap- Police Graduation and Parties


We had an action packed weekend!  Lots of celebrations!


We started the fun on Friday with Tyler’s graduation from the police academy.  He has worked hard for 13 weeks and finally finished.  He starts this week as a “rookie.” 🙂 He has 16 weeks of riding with a Field Training Officer before heading out alone. I’m pretty proud of him! (sorry for the poor quality iPhone pics…I left my camera at my MIL’s house so I couldn’t upload those right now).



There were like 19 graduates total, and 8 of them are headed out together for the FSPD.



Friday evening, we had a big family celebration for his graduation at Cheddars – cupcakes included. 🙂  It was great to spend some time laughing and talking and celebrating his accomplishment.

Saturday, I spent the entire morning shopping around with mom and dad.  We hit up Kohl’s, Old Navy, and the Holiday Market.  Somehow this is my 4th Christmas season here….and it’s my first time to the Holiday Market. It was fun.

We ate lunch at R. Landry’s (yum!) and then came home to nap/clean/watch football.  Saturday evening, we celebrated my friend Lauren’s birthday in Roaring 20s Style!

We had a GREAT time there.  We got all dolled up (and Tyler pulled this iridescent shirt from the depths of his closet!  I had no idea he had it! ha!)



We had some good party food, some fun 1920s inspired drinks (my first sidecar! It was good!)…and then played games.IMG_8028.JPG

This was the birthday girl- Lauren!



I loved the cute touches all over….including this sign by the drinks! ha!



We played charades and Scattergories.  Tyler helped make some of the charade cards….and his were brutal!  I had “ebola” to act out!  ha!



We took some silly pics (of course!).



And look at our group picture…everyone got into the theme and had a great time!IMG_8033.JPG


Sunday, we did church, lunch, some errand-running, and then took some family photos.  My mom just came over and we took these over by our barn.


Sunday afternoon, we went over to my MIL’s for a family birthday party for Ty’s uncle.  We ate dinner, played pool, and had a good time.  Sunday evening, I started feeling crummy- achy, hot/cold….but didn’t get fever ever.  I went to bed pretty early…and I’m hoping the rest ran off whatever I may have been coming down with.


So that was our celebration filled weekend!  How was your weekend?


  1. What a fun party!! I love all of the headbands in the group shot of the girls!! Your outfit looks fabulous!

  2. Huge congrats to your husband! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

  3. Congrats to your hubby! I know you are so proud.
    We did a roaring 20s murder mystery party a couple years ago. What fun that was! It looks like you guys had an awesome time!
    Stopped by from the ARWB link up.

  4. John Ihasz :

    As a retired Toronto Police Detective, it is uplifting to see such positive energy in todays world. I wish all of you the best life can give. Be safe, strong, and fight the good fight.

  5. Redell Walton :

    Congrats on the finishing the Academy! I recently had to fill in to FTO and it was a positive recharging experience. Good luck with the career and be safe!

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