Weekend Recap: The Quiet Weekend That Wasn’t

We had very little planned for this weekend…but that changed pretty quickly!  It turned out to be such a fun weekend!  
Friday, I particpated in the Runs for Cookies virtual 5k.  I am getting back into running, so I had to take a couple walk breaks, but I ran the 5k on some new-to-me trails.  I took the bike trails at a local park and LOVED it.  Can’t wait to go exploring there again.
We had planned to just come home, eat dinner, and watch a movie.  But when Tyler was on his way home, his cousin Kelsey called wanting to come over.  So we ate our dinner and then my MIL, Nancy, and Tyler’s cousin Kelsey and her boyfriend Brad came over.  We watched a Tim Hawkins DVD. He is a Christian comedian and SOO funny.  We laughed and laughed.  The boys also played some darts and then went outside for some soccer in the dark while me and Kelsey chatted.  So fun!
Tim Hawkins is one funny guy.
Playing darts.  They are magnetic, so they don’t cause any damage if you miss the board. 
After they came in from playing soccer, they wanted a snack…so we had a peanut butter tasting! We have like 6 different kids of peanut butter (dark chocolate, cinnamon raisin, maple, spicy….) so we got out some spoons and had a little tasting! ha!
Treating our guests to the finer things in life.
Saturday, I went to the gym in the morning. I did some cardio, weights, and then took Piloxing again.  I really enjoy that class.  It is so different from other workouts I do.  A nice change.  I also brought my swimsuit and did some time in the hot tub and sauna.  Then I came home and napped.
Saturday evening, we were going to do dinner and a movie at home again…but then we remembered there was a get-together at church for nursery workers and parents….so we went to that.  It was volleyball and hanging out.  I usually just watch…but this time I played.  I’m TERRIBLE, but everyone was so encouraging.  When I hit my serve over the net, the other team was so surprised they didn’t hit it back- so I scored a point.  Everyone cheered! ha!
Our church has an AWESOME gym facility.  It is always booked and busy.
I had a great moment of community at volleyball.  There were three teams, so one team was always off-court.  The third team would watch the kiddos that were there.  At one point, my team was playing…but I looked over and saw the other team having snack time with the kids.  There were dads holding babies (that weren’t theirs), older kiddos feeding apple slices to toddlers who weren’t their siblings, moms helping with juice boxes, kids helping other kids.  It was this beautiful picture of the whole community raising the kids.  I was almost moved to tears.  I am SO THANKFUL to be a part of such a beautiful community.  It is such a joy to be a part of the lives of our friends and their families.  We are so blessed!
Sunday we headed to church.  I wore my cowboy boots for the first time! Yeehaw!
After church, we had lunch with our friends Tammie and Anthony…and then I headed to town to teach Zumba Toning.
After Zumba, we met Nancy, Kelsey, and Brad for some bowling.  My arms were pretty sore from Zumba Toning and volleyball, so I just watched…but it was fun to chat and hang out.
We all ate at Chili’s together, and then we came home.  We watched the Rum Diaries, but I got bored and fell asleep early. ha!  
It was such a wonderful weekend full of family and friends.  We are so blessed.
How was your weekend?


  1. Glad to find your blog! Sounds like a GREAT weekend!

  2. I didnt know you had a blog!! I am so thankul you guys came Saturday! I just love you! You are a doll!

    • I found you on twitter (because Amber tagged us both in a tweet), and I saw your blog link! LOVE your blog…glad to have found each other online! ha! You (and your sweet family) are wonderful! We are so thankful for y’all!

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