Weekend Recap: Rest

This weekend was full of rest.  I was totally finished buying Christmas gifts, and I was done wrapping them….so I have spent the weekend resting.

Friday evening we hung out at home.  I love home date nights.  We watched The Hulk and had dinner.  Great chill night.

Saturday, I met my friend Brandy at the park bright and early.  We walked  miles in 24 degree weather!! It was cold, but it was fun to catch up and get our workout in! ha!  After that, I ran a couple errands and came home and napped and baked.  I baked a white chocolate chip cheesecake and 4 dozen gingerbread muffins! Made a big mess, but everything is REALLY yummy!

Today, we went to church.  Then Tyler went to ride dirtbikes with a friend, and I napped and cleaned.  I’m about to make dinner and clean out my closet.  I plan on us watching some Christmas movies tonight….and then tomorrow the Christmas celebrations start!  Woohoo!

I’m SO thankful for the time to rest and relax.  I’m so glad that I had everything done so that I could not be busy and bustling around.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


  1. What a fun weekend! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmaas! Thank you for your Christmas card, it’s beautiful!

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