Weekend Recap: Reunion Fun

Weekend Recap: Reunion Fun

This weekend was Tyler’s 10 year high school reunion.  It was actually our third set of plans for this weekend.  We originally were supposed to be in Las Vegas on vacation…but then Tyler took a new job and we had to cancel that.  Then we made plans to be at OBU for homecoming and Tiger Tunes…but then the reunion popped up and we had to cancel that.  But even though this wasn’t our first pick of weekend plans, it was fun.

Friday, we went to the football game. Before the game, we went and split fajitas at a Mexican place in town, then we split some ice cream. 🙂 (oops.  Sorry diet.  It’s all about moderation!)

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Greenwood is known for being a great team…and they played super well.  The band made me miss my high school experience the most.  No, I wasn’t in band…but we had a GREAT band and we would go to band competitions and be groupies.
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Saturday morning, Tyler was up early to go hunting, and I did some cleaning around the house.  Then I met up with my life group to serve one of our members who is going through some family stuff….and then Tyler and I spent the afternoon hanging out at home.

Saturday night was the big reunion dinner downtown.  They had a great turnout with like 60 people from their class of 240 there.  1/4 of the class is pretty good.

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They closed a local sushi place and had dinner, music, and mingling. Even though the music was too loud (who can talk and visit over pounding music?!), we stayed there until around 11…and then a group of us went to Emily and Ted’s house to visit and hang without the loud music over us. We stayed there until 2 a.m.!  Needless to say, Sunday we were pretty tired.  I was blessed with a great class in the nursery, and then took a glorious nap after lunch.

Sunday night, I did some batch cooking for the week while Tyler hunted.  He’s seen several deer, but hasn’t taken a shot yet.  Hoping for a deer this week!

So that was our weekend.  Tyler seeing old friends and me being the trophy wife. 🙂

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How was your weekend? Have you been to a high school reunion yet?  This weekend made me think about mine next year…I guess I’ll decide that when the time comes.

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