Weekend Recap: Rodeo, Lake, and Farm

Weekend Recap: Rodeo, Lake, and Farm

Going into this weekend, we didn’t have many plans….but we managed to have some pretty fun adventures!
Friday, I was still in town after work at the grocery store, and Tyler called.  “Want to go to the rodeo over in Poteau?  I have free tickets.”  DONE. So I rushed home, put on a sweatshirt (because it was a CRAZY 70ish degrees IN JULY. IN ARKANSAS.).
We had THE BEST tacos at this little place in Poteau (it’s one of my faves…and totally worth driving 30 minutes for!)…and then hit up the rodeo.
Side note: I remember going to one rodeo in high school (because I remember buying a plaid shirt to wear! ha!) but I was so enamored with the boy I was crushing on, that I literally don’t remember ANYTHING about the rodeo….so I’m counting Friday’s as my first rodeo.
Bucking broncos.
Me and my “cowboy.”  More on that later.Outside the stadium, there was a ring toss game where you could win a bunny. Y’all.  I LOVE BUNNIES AND WANT ONE SO BAD.  Tyler knows this.  Anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows this (I have a whole board devoted to bunnies).  He spent $7 trying to win me a bunny and we came home empty handed.
Saturday morning, I was up early meeting a bunch of awesome ladies at the church bright and early.  We headed north to Lake Fort Smith for a women’s outdoor ministry boating day.  It was a chilly 60 degrees when we left…so we are bundled up on the boat…but it was BEAUTIFUL.
Look at these awesome women!  25 great ladies from my church.

Lake Fort Smith is in this gorgeous valley.

There are some neat sheer rock sides to the lake. That’s a vulture chilling on the rock face.

After our boat ride (which was led by a guy named Ranger Joe – Full House anyone?!), we had a picnic and played on the playground.  Our leader Renee got some fun pictures of us ladies acting like little kids.
Five women and a teenager on one slide!

Sunday I was in the nursery with the 2-3 year olds…and then we had lunch and headed to Grandpas.  We fed the fish, check out the new baby calves, shot the guns, and the funniest was watching Tyler and Brad rope a calf!

That’s right!  Grandpa had a calf that needed to be caught…and they took off in the Razor to get the calf.  They actually got him after about 5 minutes or so….but sadly Brad tore some ligaments in his thumb when the rope got caught as he lassoed the calf (things I never thought I’d blog about).

We had a GREAT weekend with lots of fun, family time, and some adventures. Too much fun.
How was your weekend? Have you ever been to a rodeo?


  1. I can’t believe you’d only been to one rodeo before this one! I’m shocked!

  2. I’ve gone to a rodeo several times the past 3 years, but I haven’t really been able to fully enjoy it because I normally work the ticket booth. I’m totally not a rodeo girl, but I can appreciate watching it from a little window in the ticket booth. ha!

  3. That looks like such a fun weekend!!! Love that Tyler got to be a REAL cowboy!!! 🙂

  4. Now that is what I call a fun weekend
    I’ve never been to a rodeo but so want to go to one- it’s a bucket list item 🙂
    That boating trip looks like a blast. I wish our Church did things like that

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