Weekend Recap: Running, Leaves, and Line Dancing

Weekend Recap: Running, Leaves, and Line Dancing

My heart is just overflowing from this wonderful weekend.  I just felt really blessed after this weekend.
My cousins were in town staying with Mom, so Friday I met them for lunch at Chick-fil-a.  I finished working while they played around town…and after work, I took Caitlyn and we did my grocery shopping and got manicures. 🙂 I LOVE spending time with this girl.
That hand with no polish?  That’s Tyler’s hand photobombing us.  Carry on…
That evening, mom made spaghetti (is there anything as good as my mom’s spaghetti?  I’m not sure…) and then Luke made me watch 1000 different videos of “What does the fox say?”  He LOVES that song and we watched every cover, high school band, and cartoon Youtube video of it.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
Saturday morning, we were up early for my work 5k.  I was going to be running it with Tyler…but he had some chest congestion, so he walked with the rest of the family while I ran. I had a time of 38:38 (had to walk a little bit…my legs haven’t ran in a while!)…but really enjoyed running in the brisk air.
Team U-Pack did great!
And I’m SO proud of my coworker Cydney…she got 1st place in our age group!  Woot!
A friend who works for the United Way caught this pic of me finishing the race!

After the race, I was sad because my friend Sarajane was getting married down in south-central Arkansas…and we couldn’t get there in time.  But the day was beautiful, so we decided to take a drive down the Talimena Scenic Drive.  We got to Mena…and it started raining! 🙁  We killed some time shopping around Mena, and then started up the mountain during a break.
The rain made it a little foggy, but we got some great views!
Look at these beautiful leaves.  God’s creation is so magnificent.
Favorite leaves.  We got out at the Kerr Nature Center up on the mountain and saw these gorgeous leaves.
The drive was so pretty!
Sunday, I taught my life group class because my teacher was out of town.  Then we met my family for lunch (my grandma and her boyfriend came to visit from Hot Springs).  Tyler and I went home to tidy up and clean (and PS. I’m SO thankful for a husband who is a real partner and helps me in every way!).  Then they came over to visit our house….and Tyler had us all in the yard shooting his new cross bow! Seeing my grandma and my dad shooting a bow was great! ha!
For dinner, we decided to hit up Gilley’s at the casino.  There was live music and line dancing (and the food was pretty good too!).  Of course, I had to join the line dancing!  It started off with just a couple ladies…but a few songs later, the dance floor was PACKED. So fun!
We also signed up for player’s cards at the casino (which will hardly be used….I’ve lived here for 3 years and NEVER been before! ha!)…but we got $10 each in free play for signing up.  We used their $10, and we kept “cashing out” every time we would win…and we walked away with $14 from their free money! Boom!  (However, because we were cashing out with each win…we had like 20 tickets to cash in! ha!)
We got home at like 10 pm….and then Tyler’s college roommate Bryce called to give us details about his wedding (Tyler will be a groomsman, so we got the lowdown first!).  We crashed and I slept like a baby.
Something about being surrounded by family, nature, and doing fun things made me just really grateful for all my blessings this weekend. I hope you had a great weekend!


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