Weekend Recap: Santa and Cookies

This weekend was a busy one.  Along with the fun stuff we had planned, we also had some prepping and family stuff to do as well.
Friday night, I picked Gram up and brought her to my house.  She was my official “taste tester” while I cooked all the food for the party.  We had a great time hanging out.  After dinner, Mom came over and helped me clean a little bit.  I LOVE throwing parties….and it’s so much easier when I get a little help with the party prep.
Saturday morning, mom and I did the Greenwood Yule Run 5k.  It was a little chilly, so there wasn’t a big crowd.  We decided that since we weren’t going to be the fastest, we would be the cutest.  We dressed like Santa and an elf!
I was SO proud of mom!  She usually walks during the 5ks, and with my recent knee issues, I was going to walk with her.  But she decided to run some…and she ran like 3/4 of a mile….beating her best 5k time by 3 minutes!  
And we won costume!  Because we looked AMAZING. (Yes, I’m Santa!)
Saturday afternoon, we headed to Mt. Ida for a funeral.  My Gram’s best friend, Mrs. Linda, passed away.  We were good friends with her family.  We all went to church together.  So we went to the funeral.  It was good to see some Hot Springs friends…but it was so sad to lose such a wonderful woman.  It was a beautiful service, and it was good to hug their necks and pray for their family.
Saturday evening when I got home, I finished cleaning and hung out by the tree watching a Christmas special.
I also got all the presents wrapped.  Look at all those gifts under our little tree!
Sunday, mom and I served in the nursery with the 2 year olds.  I LOVE that.  They were all so cute talking about baby Jesus. 
After church, we had our third annual Christmas Cookie Swap.  I made lunch and we had some friends and family over.  I decided to invite folks to wear their Christmas sweaters since Tyler and I had some matching ones to wear.
My sweet friend Rachel joined the sweater fun!  (isn’t she precious…her spirit is sweeter than that big smile).
We had SO many yummy goodies there!
And look at these fancy goodies that Sarah brought!  My friends are talented, y’all.
After stuffing ourselves with cookies, we went to church for the children’s program.  It was precious, and a great reminder that Christmas is about Jesus…and that God takes care of all of our needs.
After church, we stuck around to play basketball (which I watched!) and then volleyball at church.  Because they were short some people, I had to play.  I actually got a couple serves over the net…and hit a few balls over too.  Improvement from ducking when the ball comes at me! ha!
It was a great weekend of celebrating the season and celebrating the life of a dear sweet woman. I hope you had a great weekend.
What is your signature holiday cookie?  I made some peanut butter butterscotch goodies dipped in chocolate and rolled in potato chips! ha!  I called them “chip and dip” cookies!


  1. i hate volleyball..i sucked at it in p.e. and definitely ducked at anything coming my way..so major props to you girl! those little snowman cookies look cute and delish. sounds like you had a fun christmas filled weekend. love you and your mom’s costumes, too cute!

  2. I’m SO super jealous you have all your presents wrapped. I haven’t even started. Booo

  3. Your matching sweaters are so fabulous!!! Looove them!! What a fun weekend! And I’m glad you won the 5K costume contest…you definitely deserved i!!

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