Weekend Recap: Shooting and Easter

Weekend Recap: Shooting and Easter

This weekend was a full one! Friday evening we just came home and had an at-home date night since the week was long. Tyler pulled a muscle in his back and wanted to rest. So I brought home pizza and we watched a movie (Burnt- it was really good!).

Saturday was full. I took a concealed carry class with our women’s ministry. It was PERFECT.  The instructors were husband and wife, and the class was just us ladies, so it was laid back and not stressful.

We did the classroom portion and then did the shooting portion.

We also had to get fingerprinted (my first time!).

I was the only one that brought my own gun- but I’m glad I did. I was more familiar with shooting it. I sot my Bersa 380 and shot 10 shots and made 10 shots on the paper! Woop!

Mom did even better than I did! She shot the instructor’s .22

She had an even better grouping than I did!

We were in the class until around 5, and then had an hour drive back. Afterwards, I met up with Tyler and one of his police friends (and his wife and daughter) for dinner.


Sunday was Easter. It was a full day- two services (greeting and singing in choir) then brunch with mom and Nancy. And of course, a nap. 🙂

If you’re in the NWA or River Valley area and interested in concealed carry classes, I HIGHLY recommend Jamie and Darral.  You can check them out at NADM Firearms Training on Facebook.  They were GREAT teachers. Even though most of the women had never shot a gun, they made us feel comfortable and successful.


How was your weekend?

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