Weekend Recap: Sick and Fun

Weekend Recap: Sick and Fun

So this weekend I tried to balance doing fun birthday stuff, but also resting away this sickness (sinus, overall crummy feeling).
Friday after work, I took my cousin Caitlyn to get pedicures.  The pedicure massage chairs weren’t working…so it wasn’t as awesome as it could have been, but it was good to have pretty toes again.
I took Caitlyn back to mom’s…and I went home to rest.  I got a snowcone on the way (because snow cones make everything better!) and I started reading The Fault in Our Stars (which I finished Saturday night…so good!).

We just watched a movie and I slept Friday night.  
I slept in Saturday, and then I met mom, Nancy, and the kiddos at the lake to play.  I didn’t really get in the water because I’m feeling crummy, but they had a blast playing together while I watched from the bank.
I came home and took a nap after lunch, and then we went for my birthday dinner at Shogun.  We have had sushi at Shogun before, but never hibachi…but it was good.  
The whole family was there and I felt so blessed.
Gram was extra fiesty. 🙂

And my sweet parents treated us all to a yummy dinner.
And even some of Tyler’s family (my family, too! ha!) came.  Tyler’s uncle, cousin, and his mom.
I loved having my kiddos (cousins) there.
And of course, this guy made me feel special. 🙂  He even gave me one more birthday gift- a foot massager!
Sunday, we went to church, lunch, and then I had to sub a Zumba class.  I came home and prepped and we watched the Tony Awards with Haley, and my family.  I ended up calling 14/26 awards….not too shabby.  I’m just glad my faves won from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Aladdin!
How was your weekend? I’m heading to the clinic in a bit to hopefully get some meds so I can ward off this sickness. Hope you’re doing well!

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