Weekend Recap: Snow and More Snow

Weekend Recap: Snow and More Snow

So at Friday at around 3, it started snowing.  And not flurrying.  Like every flake was sticking kind of snow.

And not only were we NOT prepared for it (they had originally forcasted it going south of us), so they hadn’t pretreated the roads at all.  Thankfully, I made it home ok (after a few slips and scares)…but my Friday night plans got canceled.  I was supposed to have a craft night with my life group.

And instead, we had a big group text going all night.  And I ate the snacks for the party alone on my couch.  With a dog on my head. #Pippinlovestosnuggle




Tyler had to work Friday, so we just hunkered down and got cozy at home alone. I watched lots of Gold Rush (we LOVE Alaska shows!), snacked, and went to bed early.

Saturday, we had like 3-5 inches of snow. The roads were covered and slick.  But I had to get out to make a banner for a baby shower Sunday.  So we trudged over to mom’s (where my sewing machine lives), I made the banner, and we watched a movie (Whiplash.  Had lots of language, but was interesting to me the music nerd).

I didn’t take any pretty snow pictures this time because I am #overit, but here is an iPhone pic to show you the snow.



It cleared up enough Sunday to go to church…and after we had a baby shower for my friend Lyndsay and her baby boy.  Everyone loved the ribbon banner I made.  Tutorial coming soon!



We came home, food prepped, cleaned house, and got ready for the week.


I love how pretty the snow is, but I don’t love that it cancels my plans.  But I guess a weekend of rest, naps, and doing nothing isn’t all bad. 🙂


  1. Hey, at least you had your party food to keep you company!! 🙂 Your ribbon banner is gorgeous!

    • Yay for party food! What would I have done without it? ha! And thanks on the banner. It was CRAZY easy to make. I’ll post a tutorial soon because I’m making another one for another shower. 🙂

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