Weekend Recap: So Many Pictures

Weekend Recap: So Many Pictures

We didn’t have a ton of plans going into this weekend…but we ended up having the MOST fun.
Friday, we went to the gym for a great swim/weights workout….and then had dinner and a little treat.  Tyler LOVES his sweets…so we had to get some Cherry Berry after dinner. 🙂
Saturday morning, I started cleaning.  I steamed all the kitchen counters (so I had to move everything to the table and ledge).  I also resealed the counters…and while I waited in between coats of sealant, I started cleaning the carpet. We got so much done.  It’s so good to get a clean house!
Around 12:30, Tyler got wind that his RC race that night was cancelled…so he said “Stop cleaning, let’s go to Balloon Fest.” Don’t have to tell me twice to stop cleaning. So we did!
We started by getting some lunch (BIG bummer…there were no Indian tacos! How do you have a festival in Oklahoma and no Indian tacos?!) and watching the BMX show.  BIG jumps from those crazy guys. I held my breath during a couple jumps.  A portable pop-up ramp and a tiny little arena were not made for flipping on a dirt bike.  Lord.
Next we went to the mud pits (so redneck!).  They were having Big Wheels races with little kids!  We were too far away to get any pics…but it was HILARIOUS.  I’m talking Barbie Jeep vs. Pink VW Bug vs.baby John Deere tractor.
Then they did the mud races. Souped up cars and trucks going through 6 feet of mud.  I was partial to the pink jeep…too bad she got it super muddy!

There were also Alpacas.  I’m in love with these funny creatures.

Me and my man having a good time at our little country festival.
We also caught the Nuts about Mutts show on the way out!  GREAT tricks from those rescue pups!  Loved it!
We left before the balloons came out to get ready for the Halloween party.  My friend Candyce had us all over for some fun….and since Tyler could go after all…we went as Phil and Miss Kay (from Duck Dynasty!)

All the girls together!

And my friend Jenny caught this shot…but I love it.  We do look in love like Phil and Miss Kay!
Sunday…I worked in the nursery, enjoyed church…and then we headed up to Mt. Magazine for lunch.  It’s the tallest place in Arkansas…and it was a clear day. You could see for 100s of miles!
After lunch, we stopped at the hang gliding point to watch!
This guy suited up, strapped in and walked to the ledge.
He ran about 10 steps down the hill and jumped…and AWAY he went!  CRAZY!
It was a gorgeous day to be outside enjoying God’s creation.  I’m just glad my feet stayed on the earth.
We had a great weekend…and I hope you did too!  What did you do this weekend?


  1. You guys are just too cute. I love your Phil and Miss Kay costume too! I showed my husband the picture you posted on IG and he laughed and loved it too. So perfect!

  2. Y’all are just the cutest! Love your costume and super love the pic of y’all on the mountain! Besides that, your whole weekend would have made me a nervous wreck! Ha! Hang-gliding, muddin’, BMX jumps and stunts… cleaning… I’m getting the vapors just thinking about it all! *wink*

  3. so fun!!! and beautiful mountain pics too!!


  4. Looks like a fun fall weekend! Love the costumes 🙂

  5. That looks PERFECT! It’s totally how I’d spend my weekend!
    P.S. I’m new around here & actually have a TON in common with you! Hubs LOVES the Cherry Berry, and I can craft like a mad woman! Haha! Look forward to reading more. 🙂

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