Weekend Recap: St. Louis

Weekend Recap: St. Louis

We are back from an AWESOME weekend in St. Louis.  It was a fun getaway, celebrating my birthday and seeing Hanson!  We left Friday after work…and after a not-so-successful stop along the way for “the best Mexican food in Springfield” (it WASN’T)…we made it to STL around midnight.
We were up early Saturday to cram as much fun as possible into the day!  We grabbed breakfast downstairs at Starbucks (Thank the Lord for Mocha Light Fraps!) and then headed to Grant’s Farm.
You just have to pay to park…but the whole area is “free.”  We took a tram right around the farm, where we saw lots of animals around the property, along with a cabin built by Ulysses S. Grant.
The farm was purchased by the Annheiser Busch family, and now it’s a tourist attraction.  There was a zoo/petting zoo area…but the highlight was the Clydesdale farm! (I mean, they also give you 2 free glasses of beer in the hospitality area…but being so early, we only took advantage of one glass. 🙂  I mean, it’s 5:00 somewhere, right?)
The horse “Lee” – our namesake! 🙂
These were 2 year old Clydesdales…and already HUGE!
After Grant’s Farm, we went to take a tour of Busch stadium!  You should buy tickets ahead of time if you go, some of the tours were sold out.  We had bought ours online the night before.  It was only $10, but you got to see SO much!  We went into the visitor’s dugout, the field, the Cardinal’s club, the press box and more!
Tyler LOVED being the dugout!
Oh, just chilling on the field at Busch Stadium!
My favorite- the press box!  The communication nerd in me was FREAKING out.
After the stadium, we walked around downtown to find some lunch.  We didn’t have any clear direction on where to go….we stumbled into Imo’s for some St. Louis style pizza.  It was SOOO good.
St. Louis style pizza is really thin crust (which we found out has no yeast in the dough!), sweeter Oregano heavy sauce, and is topped with Provel cheese (which we learned is a Velveeta-style cheese made from Cheddar, Swiss, and Provolone).  It was goooood.
After lunch, we went to the Budweiser brewery for a tour. It was amazing how HUGE the facility was.  Really neat.  They also give you two sample glasses of your choice at the hospitality area.  STL wanted us buzzed , y’all.
After all that fun, we came back to the room for a little hour or so to rest.  We got ready and headed down to St. Louis Uncorked, a wine festival at a park.  We had our camping chairs…and it was around a mile away.  Tyler suggested we take a horse drawn carriage ride to the park…and it was so fun!
We got there and had a GREAT dinner from a food truck. Then we sat and enjoyed some music…but the highlight was getting to see Hanson! Tyler (while he won’t fully admit it) had a good time too.  But I enjoyed the laid-back festival atmosphere.
They didn’t play Scream and Be Free (what we were tweeting them about)…but they played an AMAZING setlist including some new stuff (Fired Up, I’ve Got Soul) and some oldies (This Time Around, If Only, Crazy Beautiful).
Zac Hanson at Uncorked
Issac Hanson at Uncorked
Hanson at Uncorked 2013
Taylor Hanson at Uncorked
I may have died a bit when Zac sang “Oh Darlin”  I mean, sitting there with my wonderful husband, but my boyfriend was on stage singing to me. 🙂 le sigh…They killed it, evidenced in this video from a fellow Hanson fan.
We slept like babies that night after all that fun!  Sunday morning, we had a delish breakfast at Local Harvest, and then walked down to the arch!

We went to the City Museum…but upon walking in discovered a few things. 1) A lot of it was outside, and it looked like it might rain. 2) it was CRAWLING with kids…and being kidless, this wasn’t totally appealing. 3) it looked like it would be pretty physical to crawl through everything, and we weren’t in the mood for that after walking ALL day the day before.
So we skipped out on that.  We just went by Trader Joe’s and headed home.  It rained on us while we were headed out…so we stopped about 1.5 hours out to eat at Imo’s one more time. We loved that pizza! ha!
It was SUCH a fun weekend together.  I’m thankful for a partner in crime to have fun with (and who will “put up” with a Hanson concert for me!).
I hope the rest of this year is just as fun!


  1. So glad y’all had fun! I’m not gonna lie, I scrolled down to see the Hanson pics before reading. Don’t judge.

  2. Would love for you to stop by my blog and join the blog hop and share with your friends. http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/2013/06/night-owl-blog-hop-hop.html

    Excellent weekend I see. I’d die to listening to him. Damn Sexy is what he is. Good grief it should be illegal to be that sexy. I’m sure you’d want to be hand cuffed to him LOL

  3. Girl, I grew up going to Grant’s Farm, eating Imo’s and visiting those gorgeous Clydesdale’s! So glad you had a fabulous time! And I’ve never been to the “new” Busch stadium… I’ve only been to the old Busch stadium. I hear the new one is nice though!

    If y’all ever go back you need to try and go to The Muny in Forest Park! Live theater and tons of musicals; I’ve seen “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and “Cinderella” there, among many others. Their ampitheater is under the stars and it’s a really fun experience!

    Your hubby did good for taking you out of town for a fun birthday celebration! Yay for good husbands! And yay for a happy birthday for you! Love ya!

  4. What a fun weekend!! And so sweet of your husband to “put up with” a Hanson concert 🙂 Still a nice getaway, either way!

  5. OHHHMAHHGAWDD. That picture of Taylor Hanson makes me blush…. so jealous!!

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