Weekend Recap: The Most Productive

Weekend Recap: The Most Productive

Y’all.  We had THE MOST PRODUCTIVE weekend. And it was good and not stressed.  We just got a lot done.

It started Friday after work when Tyler, mom and I started painting the nursery!!!!! Yes, all of those exclamation points are necessary. I was so ready to get started in there.

The painting was pretty simple since it’s a light color, but the taping and stuff took a while. We got half of the room painted Friday afternoon.

Tyler went out after the painting to do some yard work and I hit the couch. While I was resting, he called me. “Come outside.  The sunset is awesome.” So that’s what I did. 

And while the sun was setting out front, the mountains on the side of the house were beautiful blue. 

We got the guest bedroom moved over to the office.  We tried to maximize space in there so we could still have our desk/file cabinet and the bed and dresser. We also want to keep extra room in there for a little bit of a playroom for bigger toys.  So we put the bed in the little nook- and if fit PERFECTLY.

Saturday, mom and I met up and went to the water park for some fun in the sun. I can’t go down any water slides, but I can lazy river like a champ.  Floating made my hip feel GREAT. 

After the park, I went home and changed and met Tyler when he got off work. We did our Target registry. He is a big help deciding between options- he’s so analytical. However, he is a little crazy with the scanner. If he liked it, it got scanned.  Including like 15 bath toys! 

Sunday, me, mom, and Nancy finished the painting. It looks great in there!  Then mom and I finished my bow holder.  I took an old mirror, took off the mirror, painted it, and added chicken wire inside.  Pretty easy and affordable. And SO cute. 

Sunday evening, Mom and I hunkered down for the Tony Awards. It’s like my Super Bowl. But especially this year since I had seen 8 shows on Broadway this year (including the winner Hamilton!).  It was great to see the performances and hear from the actors. However, Pippin was NOT impressed.

So that was our weekend. LOTS going on.

How was your weekend?

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