Weekend Recap: Tri, Errands, and Dead Animals

Weekend Recap: Tri, Errands, and Dead Animals

We had a great weekend!  Friday evening, we met Tyler’s dad for dinner.  We were going to have BBQ in town, but our little BBQ joint was closed. I hope it was just a family thing, and that they open back up!  So instead of BBQ, they wanted catfish.  I had to eat light so I felt good on Saturday….but it was fun.  We came home and watched a movie and crashed pretty early.
Saturday morning, we were up early to get ready for the Tri for Roses indoor sprint triathlon!

This was special for me because last year when it happened (June 2012), I thought to myself…”That looks sort of fun.  I don’t think I could ever do that.”  Well, when the buzz started around the gym…I knew I HAD to do it.  While I haven’t really made weight loss strides in the last year, I HAVE made fitness strides. Running my first 5k, then doing 11 races so far this year…and becoming much more confident in my abilities.  So this meant a lot to me.

My goal was to finish…and I ended up getting 2nd place in my age group! I’ll give a more detailed race recap tomorrow…but it was a fun experience!

After the race, we ran some errands, ate lunch…and we FINALLY got my pedestal for my washer!  I can’t wait to set it up. We also got a few “home improvement” things, so Tyler will be busy with honey-dos this week!
We also stopped by the hobby shop and Tyler got to drive a buddy’s car around the new track.  It’s so fun to watch him there.  There are older guys, guys his age, and young boys there…and he’s like a big brother.  I just love watching him in his element there.  He is so helpful and nice to the kids…it makes me proud to be his wife.

He also took me to a gun shop that I haven’t been to.  This elk was totally checking me out.

Saturday evening, we went over to visit Dad and Gram.  Mom was in Branson with her life group….so I helped cook dinner and made some cookies….and then we all watched The Great Gatsby.  The dogs were totally comfy.  It was so funny!

Sunday, we served in the nursery (with some rambunctious little girls!).  It melted my heart to see Tyler reading them books and playing with them!  Then after a great church service, Tyler invited the guy that sits next to us in church to lunch.  We had a great time visiting with him.  (and yet another reason I’m proud to be his.)
I took a nap while Tyler hung out with our friend Anthony.  Anthony brought over some guns and they caused a commotion off the back porch shooting.  I’m thankful for good insulation in the house.  I slept through the whole thing! ha!
I made some soup for dinner…and we watched White House Down.
It was a great weekend mixed with fun and downtime.  Just what I needed!
How was your weekend?


  1. Can’t wait for your Tri re-cap, you rock girl!

  2. I knew you would finish the triathlon strong, girlie! Way to go! Also, that pic of your Gram sitting on the couch… pure happiness in my heart! Glad she’s back home!

    Love ya honey!

  3. Great job in the tri!

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