Weekend Recap: Tulsa and the Color Run

Weekend Recap: Tulsa and the Color Run

I had such a fun weekend!After work, I headed to Tulsa to meet some sweet, sweet friends.  I FINALLY got to hug my sweet friend Cristi…and I got to meet Chasity too!

We immediately, like all good southern girls, went straight to a Mexican restaurant to eat salsa and talk.
Los Cabos had a mariachi band (complete with an Elvis impersonator!)

We talked and talked and talked like old friends.  I can’t believe I got to meet Cristi.  She has been such a HUGE encouragement and soul sister to me.  Blogland and the Twitterverse can be good things, y’all.  And I know God can use them.  And He did bringing Cristi into my life! 🙂

Saturday morning, we were up early to head downtown for THE COLOR RUN! The three of us also met up with my friend Lauren, and her friend Ashley….and we were all there together.

I LOVED all the cute signs set up.  They were made for photo ops.

We finally made it to the start line about 30 minutes after the race started.  There were well over 15,000 people there….and we went in waves of 1000!

We took our sweet time walking…and danced through all the color stations.  Cristi’s fave was the pink! 🙂

This was after all the colors had been applied.  Honestly, the orange made me look like Snooky.  Dear Color Run, please do away with the orange.  It wasn’t very pretty. ha!

After the race, I met up with Tyler’s cousins….Candace, Anita, and Jennifer (she is a knew blogger…pop over and say hi!).  They live in Tulsa….and I LOVED getting to see them, even if for only a second!

We did the big color throw and then took some pics!

Jumping for joy!

After the race, we came back to the hotel, changed clothes, grabbed lunch, and headed home.

Saturday evening was pretty low key.

Sunday, I worked in the nursery…and then after church it was GORGEOUS outside.  So Tyler suggested a little ride to Waldron to the shooting range.  He hadn’t been there in years…but he thought he could find his way.  Thankfully, the Forest Commission had signs pointing the way.  Y’all…it was BEAUTIFUL out there.  The shooting range was against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain.  So nice. We shot off several hundred rounds and had a great time!

Tyler loves shooting his AR-15. It is so loud.

I mostly shot the .22 rifle.  I love it.

And this was the lovely river leading to the shooting range.  I love Arkansas’ natural beauty.

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend.  🙂  Happy Monday!



  1. It was the BEST weekend I’ve had in a sweet forever!!!! Becoming blog buddies and then friends and then real life friends has changed my life, girl!!! You have no idea how special your friendship is to me! Definitely inspired by God!

    Love and miss you already!!! “Because you’re mine, I walk the line!” *wink*

  2. Too FUN!!!!!

  3. Your Color Run pictures turned out so cute!! I really want to wear a tutu next time. We walked through it and made sure to get really sprayed too! 🙂 It was so much fun!

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