Weekend Recap: Tyler’s Day Off

Weekend Recap: Tyler’s Day Off

We got a HUGE blessing this weekend- Tyler was offered Saturday off.  He had a ton of overtime from court time…and they were fully staffed for Saturday – so he traded his overtime for Saturday off.  It was GREAT.

Because he was getting Saturday off, we also got to enjoy a long Friday evening together (instead of having to go to bed early Friday).

So we headed to NWA Friday after work for dinner and some fun.

I wanted to take him somewhere new, but he REALLLY wanted sushi, so we hit up Kobe.  (And he looks super slim in this photo.  And he has lost weight…but this is just a super flattering pic. hahaha!)

After dinner, we went down to the Walton Arts Center for the Voice Jam acapella competition.  It was sort of like Pitch Perfect live and was so fun to watch.

The group that won was from Memphis and was AWESOME. There was also a group from Taiwan that did a showcase after intermission that was fantastic.

Saturday we slept in, got breakfast at Tyler’s request at Waffle House, and then headed down to Waldron to the gun range.

I love it down there.  It’s beautiful.  Off-roading at it’s finest.

The range is great.  Covered benches, places to hang targets.  Really nice.  I got to shoot some too and did pretty well.

Sunday I sang at church while Tyler worked, hit up Walmart, came home and walked the boys (it was pretty warm!), and did some cleaning. 

Sunday night we had “Date Night” at church with a catered meal and entertainment with a Christian comedian.  Dad was CRACKING up at the comedian.  I think he forgets why he is laughing and just cried laughing.  So funny.  


So that was our weekend.


How was yours?  Anything fun go down?  I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Wow, looks like a GREAT weekend. I’m jealous. I miss eating out. 🙁 Y’all definitely deserve the treat.

    I’m afraid my weekend was a little more uneventful. I spent most of Saturday at work and then I spent all Sunday in my garden.. which was fun, but exhausting!

    • Girl…I need to see this garden you keep talking about. I planted my little rosemary and pepper plants Sunday…but I want some garden envy. 🙂

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