Weekend Recap: Valentine Weekend

Weekend Recap: Valentine Weekend

Oh my goodness- did I have a weekend filled with LOVE!  I spent lots of time with friends, got some beautiful flowers from my sweet Tyler, and spent some time with my “girl soulmate” bestie. 🙂

Friday night, we celebrated Galentine’s Day.  Lauren said it was the day to celebrate your girls.  So we hit the town and had dinner, a candy exchange, and LOTS of laughs.


Saturday, I was finally able to open my card from Taylor.  And of course, she personalized it with Zac Hanson pics. ha! Loved it!


When Tyler got home from working all night, he came with these beauties.  I loved them.  He isn’t a big fan of giving flowers, but he knows I love them. 🙂 Love that man of mine.  He worked all night, but still stopped to get flowers for me.IMG_8754.JPG

While Tyler napped, I went to Zumba…then came home and got ready because Alden and Mike were on their way!  My best friend (whom I refer to as my girl soulmate…truth) Alden lives on the other side of the state.  We hadn’t seen each other since their wedding last March.  So they came to spent the weekend with us.

We started with a trip to Sonic to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day.


After Sonic, we went up to the park to explore.  It’s one of the highest points in town, so lots of beautiful views.  Tyler was showing them something. 🙂



I love these newlyweds. 🙂


Saturday night, we went to Movie Lounge for dinner and a movie. Truth time: we loved the movie and the company (of course) but Movie Lounge is just missing the mark.  They were out of half of the appetizers (I mean…it’s V Day.  You know people are going to splurge), our food came out cold, and the service was SLOW.  They needed more servers for sure.  We totally enjoyed our night together, but were sort of disappointed in the service.



Sunday, we all went to church together, but the incoming winter weather (and Alden was getting sick) meant they needed to leave Sunday afternoon.  But before they did…we had to watch The Last Five Years together.  We downloaded it on iTunes and hooked up the computer to the TV.  Alden was the one to introduce me to this musical, we i wanted to watch it with her.


I was sad to see them leave, but glad to have spent time together.

So that was my weekend full of love.  Happy heart for sure.

How was your weekend?

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