Weekend Recap: Wedding, Tulsa, and Baking

What a fun weekend I had!  We started out early Friday heading to Tulsa. Tyler’s cousin Jennifer was getting married…and even though Tyler couldn’t go, I wouldn’t miss it!  I left work at 3 and headed out with my MIL Nancy, and Kelsey (Tyler’s cousin) and her boyfriend Brad.
We checked into our hotel, got ready, and boogied over to the wedding.  I LOVE Tyler’s big family.  There were like 30 family members there- aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members. Lots of fun.  The wedding was beautiful and fun.

This is Kelsey, me, Nancy, and Brad.

The cake was beautiful (and delish!).  It was special because the lady who made their cake also made her parent’s and grandparent’s wedding cake.

This was the newlyweds!  Jennifer and Brad!  She looked so pretty (and look at those fun orange shoes!)

And this is Nancy with the Mother of the Bride, Anita.  They are cousins and so close.

The wedding was super fun. I mean, we left with glow sticks (which Brad decided would make a great nose ring!)

Saturday, we explored around Tulsa.  We ate a delicious breakfast at the hotel and then headed over to the aquarium.
I made friends with this little turtle…

I got to pet this horseshoe crab in one of the touch tanks…

Got to climb INSIDE one of the aquariums…

And I fell in love with this little pot-bellied seahorse.

One of the beautiful exhibits were the jelly fish. We loved watching them pulse around the water.

Another highlight was the touch tank for stingrays and sharks.  Really neat.

And the highlight was the shark exhibit. There is a huge tunnel that you walk through and the sharks swim all around you.

 After the aquarium, we ate lunch at Los Cabos.  It was AMAZING Mexican food (I had a seafood sampler with a seafood enchilada, shrimp taco, and fish taco…YUM!).  Then we explored a big antique store there and went to Bass Pro. It was a GREAT day.

Sunday was a day of rejoicing in the Lee house. See, I bought this dress from RueLaLa back in February.  FEBRUARY.  It was a size 8.  I had high hopes.  Many a Sunday morning since February, I have tried it on…only for my sweet husband to say “Not yet, babe” because it wouldn’t zip.  Well, Sunday…it zipped!!  I twirled around the bathroom and did a little dance.  I was so exited!

After church and lunch and Walmart, Tyler went to visit a friend, so I went to the park for a little run.  I ran just over a mile straight!  First time breaking that mile before my walk break.  I started on the track around the park, but then decided to go run through town.  We live in a little bitty town, so I was running down Main Street.  Talk about testing m confidence…running by all these cars! But I did it!  Then I came home and napped.  
I decided to bake some pumpkin mini bundt cakes for my coworkers tomorrow.  I may or may not have tested a few one.  

Then I started dragging out the Christmas stuff. Right now, there are just piles of Christmas stuff all over.  Hoping to get it all put up before we leave Wednesday!

How was your weekend?


  1. Congrats Brittney! That is so much fun. I am proud of you and all you accomplished.

  2. Love love love both your dresses in this post. Way to go for getting into your Sunday dress too! Sinny Minnie!

  3. Okay, that aquarium looks pretty awesome! Tulsa looks like a really cool city; I haven’t ever spent any time there!

    I love BOTH dresses in your post! And congrats on the size 8! You look super TINY!!! And it must feel soooo good! I am so proud of you!

    • Tulsa is pretty neat. I’ve only been a few times (because it was pretty far from my childhood home…) but now that I’m only 2 hours away, I hope to spend more time there. And thanks! It does feel good. Except my inner fat girl came out with a vengeance this weekend with lots of pigging out. Oh well, there is always another day. ha! 🙂

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