Weekend Recap: The Weekend I Ate WAY Too Much

So mom and I headed to Branson this weekend.  Branson is special to us…we spent 3 years on and off living there.  We set out to have a fun, relaxing weekend..but really we set out to eat our way through Branson. 🙂
Friday, we left after work and headed to Branson.  We stopped in Alpena (a tiny town about 1 hour from Branson) to buy some cute concrete piggies. 🙂  The man was ADAMANT they were not Razorbacks, they were Alpena Pigs (copyright law anyone?) but we both bought one…and I also got a turtle with OU on his back.  We are a divided household. 
*edit* I get lots of search traffic regarding these concrete pigs.  They can be found in Alpena, AR and the owner calls them Alpena pigs.  They retailed for between $10-100 depending on the size and detail involved.  The owner said they made their own molds, pour them, and paint them in house.  Alpena is close to Harrison. If you ever get to Branson, it’s about an hour south and west. 

When we got to Branson, we chose to go straight to the Landing.  We shopped and had dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. We LOVE Joe’s.  Mom and I split some crab dip (yum), each had crab legs, and we both had a drink.  The drink made us both tipsy.  We are such lightweights.  We shopped a bit after dinner and just laughed because we were a little buzzed! ha!  Nothing like getting tipsy with your momma after only one drink!

We stayed at the Stone Castle.  The rooms were soo nice!  We slept like babies. It is perfectly located too.  You gotta stay there if you go to Branson.  They have a great hot breakfast included as well!
Saturday, we went to a special place for us- Silver Dollar City.  I worked at SDC for two summers performing.  We love the shows, the food and the atmosphere.  We really ate our way through the city.  We had breakfast when we got there, shopped around, rode a ride, and then we took a cooking class!  The class was so neat!  They did a cooking demonstration and we got to try some goodies. 
After the class, we got lunch. One of my favorite foods of all time is the Harvest Time Succotash from SDC.  It is close to the Echo Hollow Ampitheather.  It has chicken, corn, ocra, peppers, onions, and some other stuff.  It is made in these giant cast iron skillets and its amazing.
I would never admit it, but this stuff might be the reason we actually went to Branson.  I may have been wanting a bowl of this amazingness.
After lunch, we watched a show.  It was AMAZING.  The Wallenda family tight rope walkers.  (one of the brothers is doing the special on ABC on Friday where he is tight rope walking over Niagra Falls!).  This is two guys on a tight rope (no nets or harnesses), on bikes, with their mom balancing on a chair in between them!  Incredible!

After that show, we got a lemonade and saw another neat show with a bubble artist.  Then we got a snack (so much food!), and shopped around a little more.  Then we went back to the hotel for a glorious nap.  Then we went to Fudruckers for burgers.  I had never been and the burgers were GREAT!
We got froyo after dinner (again….so much eating!), and crashed.  We got up and had belgian waffles at our favorite spot before doing a little last minute shopping and heading home. 
I got home, cleaned and unpacked, and Tyler’s mom and cousins came over.  We had dinner and chatted.  But once the Tony’s came on, I wasn’t much company.  This Broadway Baby has got to watch the Tonys! 🙂

I LOVED spending my fun birthday weekend with mom.  Even if I gained 5 pounds (I’m Shakeology cleansing for the next couple of days!), it was so fun, so relaxing, and fun memories.!


  1. I’ve been trying to recreate that succotash for many years! I love it!!

  2. We are planning on taking our three girls to Branson for the first time the last week of June! We’ve been alone but not taken them. We are excited! I’m gonna have to try that Succotash at SDC. Sounds yummy!

    • Aimee- SDC is so fun! Be sure to wear your swimsuits (or be prepared to get wet) because they have two kids areas (one for older and one for younger) that are fun “get wet” areas! There are several skillet cookery things around the town…but my favorite is the “Harvest Time” But there are some with sweet potatoes, green beans, and more. Try the one that sounds good to you! They are the best thing in the park!

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