Weekend Recap: The Weekend I got a tan!

My weekend was GREAT!  I headed home early Friday (early meaning I worked through lunch and left at 3 instead of 4!  I got home and swam and had a cookout with my family and my sweet cousins.
Saturday morning, mom had to coach soccer, so we were up bright and early at the church soccer fields!  You can hardly tell she is the adult! ha!
I was outside for a couple hours and got a nice tan line! ha!
We came home and got Gram and headed to lunch at my favorite Spa City spot- Cafe 1217!  I LOVE their salad sample plate.  They have a great menu of salads, sandwhiches and entrees, but I love this cooler filled with gourmet salads!  They change every month, so you can always try something new!  Just look at all that goodness!  I had a sampler of sun-dried tomato and dill chicken salad, wild rice salad, and eggplant gratin, and some green beans with cranberries and almonds. YUM!
 We were close to downtown, so we decided to go try Fat Bottomed Girls Cupcakes.  Its a new cupcakery downtown…and we walked in to see this heavenly display!  We each got a different kind, along with bringing dad home a cupcake, and 2 for Tyler!  All in all, we tried 6 different flavors and they were all AMAZING!  I had a salted caramel cupcake that was chocolate with salted caramel icing and filled with caramel.  It was totally worth every calorie.  Gram had a creme brulee cupcake, and mom had cookies and cream.  We brought carrot cake home for dad, and Tyler got chocolate on chocolate, along with chocolate peanut butter.  Their cupcakes were moist and sweet without eing overpowering.  If you are ever in Hot Springs….you gotta check it out!
 After that, we came back home.  I put on my swimsuit and headed to lay out.  I really had no intention of getting in the water, but dad insisted on cleaning the pool (or really, cleaning the 4 leaves out of the pool), in case I wanted to get in!  So sweet!
 Then I got showered and dad and Gram took me to dinner before I had to leave.  Mom went to Little Rock for a bowling tournament, so it was just us.  We had dinner at Chili’s and then I started home.
Before I left, I tweeted Gavin Degraw.  I was listening to his new music and tweeted him a request for his concert we are going to next month.  Then…this happened!
 Yup, Gavin Degraw is my newest follower! 🙂
I came home to this face…
 Saturday, I was so tired.  I fell asleep with all the lights still on in the bedroom!
Sunday, we went to church and heard a great message.  Bro. Ronnie preached on investing in heaven, not in earth.  He talked about investing in people and not worrying so much about the things of this earth, the material things.  It was great.
We had lunch at Geno’s (LOVE the salad bar!), and then headed over to Oklahoma for the RC races!
I got to read my Nook (started The Help), and sit in the sun.  A little different from my pool view, but just as nice.
I know I mention the RC track alot, so I took a little video to show you.  They are electric cars run by batteries.  They are aboutn $300-600 a car.  The boys can tinker with them and upgrade the parts and whatnot.  Then they race them.  The race day consists of different classes for different types of cars.  These cars are 4 wheel drive cars. Each racing class has 3 “heats” and then the real race.  The heats are like 5 minutes, and the race is 6, I think.  Tyler’s car is the bright orange one that I follow.
So that is how I spent my Sunday.  Reading and sunning while these little cars buzzed around!
We finished our weekend with a trip to Walmart and then dinner at home.
All in all, a great weekend!  How was your weekend?  What was the best thing you ate over the weekend  For me, it was probably the grilled hot dogs my daddy made Friday night.  So good!


  1. Sweet! Gavin is following you! We went to OK for a birthday party this weekend so I had some of my Mom’s roast and coffee cake. Then my friend called last night and had me stop by and get some of her Creamy Tomato and Sausage Bowtie Pasta she wanted to share. I didn’t do a very good job getting all of that in myfitnesspal. Ha.

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