Weekend Recap: The Weekend Monday Came Too Soon!

We had a weekend that didn’t have much planned, but felt really busy!  But I am loving life (and all that it entails!) so here is the recap!
Friday night, Tyler wanted to race his RC car.  He was worried Saturday’s race would get rained out, so he went Friday night.  On his way out to the track, we had dinner at Panera.  We originally planned for Mexican, but sweet Tyler suggested Panera because it was healthy, and he wanted to help me do good with my eating!  Sweet boy!
I enjoyed a soup and salad…but Tyler didn’t do so great eating healthy with this GIANT brownie after!  I had a tiny nibble. 🙂
I wasn’t planning on going to the track, but it was SO NICE outside, I couldn’t resist.  It wasn’t ideal.  Tyler only brought one chair, and I had Mikey (who had on no collar…and we had no leash or anything).  But we made it work.  Mikey gets sort of skidding around the RC cars, so he just chilled in the chair for a while.
Saturday, I attempted to be lazy, but since I wasn’t working out all weekend (taking a rest for my body) I had all this energy…so I cleaned all day.  It is nice to have a clean house!
Saturday night, I had made plans to go out with a girl from Zumba. She seemed cool, and like we had a lot in common, so I asked her if she wanted to do dinner and a movie.  She was so sweet and fun to hang with! I told Tyler it felt like a “first date” because we asked lots of “what are your hobbies? tell me about your family…” questions. ha!  But it was fun to make a new friend!
Sunday, we went to church.  There was a prophecy guy there.  I was a bit skeptical, but all he was doing was teaching on the prophecies from the Bible that haven’t come true yet. Like things to come….nothing crazy.  It was good.
After church, some of Tyler’s family came over for homemade ice cream!
I FINALLY got to use all my cute ice cream stuff I bought at the end of last summer!
Tyler’s grandpa has QUITE the sweet tooth.  He may have eaten two big bowls of ice cream and toppings….
Then he crashed on the couch!
We went back to church to listen to the guy speak again. Then after church, Tyler played volleyball with some friends in the church gym.
I am quite active, but I’m not athletic.  I am uncoordinated, so playing a sport in a group setting is NOT for me.  I prefer not to embarass myself. So I played with the kiddos instead!  I got to snuggle sweet baby Myles while his parents played.  I also got to talk princesses with some sweet little girls!
We didn’t get home until almost 10, so it made for a long weekend.  Monday morning came too soon this weekend!  We have a busy week…but I’m thankful for all the family, friends, and fun things that keep us busy!  
How was your weekend?


  1. Monday really did come too soon! I demand a rewind… or fastforward. Are you ready for some Razorback football this weekend?!

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