Weekend Recap: The Weekend that Felt Like Three

I can’t explain.  I wish I could replicate it every weekend.  This weekend felt so long, it really felt like I almost had a whole week of weekend.
Not sure why.  We did a whole lot, and a whole lot of nothing.  It’s bizarre.  Let me explain. (It’s a long post…but read for Valentine date night and my first hunting trip!!)
Friday after work, I came home, spruced myself up and we headed out for our Valentine date.  On the way out, we stopped to see Gram (who was home alone since my parents were out of town) and take her a Valentine. In typical Gram fashion, she kept talking and we were almost late to our date! ha!
We went downtown to Cross My Art for their special Valentine Date Night.  It was SO great. We had a private little table up front, and after eating some AMAZING BBQ, we each painted a canvas.  We were pretty quiet because we were concentrating! ha! But it was so fun.
Our finished products!  Mine says “Then sings my soul….How Great Thou Art” with a zebra cross….and Ty’s says “Excuse the mess, we live here.”  I just LOVE them.
We came home, watched the Olympics, and did something I hardly ever do…stayed up until almost midnight!
Saturday, we slept in and I made us breakfast (waffles, bacon, eggs…yum!).  Then, we watched the Olympics while I did some freelance work.  Somehow I managed several hours of freelancing and got TONS accomplished.
Tyler ran to town to do some errands while I worked.
When he came back, we tried out a new little cafe in town.  THE BEST PATTY MELT I HAVE EVER EATEN. OMG. And we washed his truck. 🙂
My original evening plans were to go get a pedicure, wash my car, and go to Wal-Mart while Tyler hunted (sat in the woods) but since the weather was nice, he wanted me to come with him.  It was sunny, clear and 60 degrees…so I said why not!  He hunts on a piece of land just down from our house.  The old lady that lives there lets him hunt there.  The blind is tucked back into some trees with an opening toward the clearing where the deer come eat acorns.
He told me to wear layers, so I had on like 4 layers of pants and 5 shirts. 🙂
We heard LOTS of animals rustling around.  A giant possum sounded like a person walking around our blind.  I may have panicked thinking it was a serial killer coming to wipe us out in the woods.  Then a skunk was circling us for a while.  We never saw him…but we heard and smelled him.  I was SO scared that something would spook him and I’d have to Google “how to get rid of skunk spray”.  Thankfully, he scampered off.  I did doze off a few times in the blind (gorgeous weather, sitting in a dark tent being quiet and still=sleepy)….but Tyler woke me up at dusk to really watch for deer.  We didn’t see any. Boo.  We did hear one in the woods when we were walking back to our truck…but it was far too late to even attempt shooting it.
We came home, made dinner, made a pot of chili for Sunday’s chili supper at church, and watched MORE Olympics.  Watch all the Olympics.
Sunday, I worked in the nursery with some fun 2 year olds and we had a great service at church.
After church, we picked up some pizzas and headed into Oklahoma to Ty’s grandpas.  We ate lunch, visited, and did some shooting.  Tyler got me a gun for our anniversary (romantic, I know) and I really enjoyed shooting it.  This was our spread in the back of a pickup truck.
We even got my dad and Grandpa shooting!
Sunday evening, we had a chili supper at church.  People either brought desserts or chili….and it was all fishes and loaves up in there.  There were only like 5 pots of chili (and TABLE AFTER TABLE of desserts!) but somehow there was enough for everyone.
Then we hit up Walmart, came home and watched a movie…and crashed.
A successful weekend, indeed.
How was your weekend? Have you ever been hunting?


  1. I loveeee what you made at Cross My Art. That’s awesome! I have been wanting to do something like this. It sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. I grew up with hardcore duck and deer hunters so I have been hunting a few times. I have trouble being still and quiet. lol Sounds like an awesome weekend!

  3. My weekend was long and great as well. I wish we could have those EVERY weekend! LOVE LOVE your artwork.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! (Boomer Sooner!)

    We spent as much time as possible outside and enjoyed a nice dinner together on Friday night. Well worth it!

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