Weekend Recap: Weekend with Alden

My best friend Alden came to visit this weekend, and we had THE BEST time!   Friday evening, she got in pretty late, so we spent some time talking, but headed to bed pretty quickly. We had a full day planned for Saturday and we needed our rest!
Saturday morning, we were up with the sun to run the Reach Out and Run 5k!
There were hundreds of people there.  It was awesome!
Alden has been running about 6 weeks doing the C25k program, and the farthest she has run was 20 minutes.  But she rocked it!  
 I helped push her mentally along the way, and she never stopped running!  
So proud of her and thankful we got to do this together!
After the run, we ate breakfast and did some shopping. Then we came home, got ready and headed back to town.  More shopping, some froyo…and then we went to Movie Lounge.  We started in the lounge part for drinks and appetizers, then we moved into the theater for dinner and Les Mis. It was perfect! (and we may have eaten like fat girls and drank like the crazy college kids we never were! ha!)
We got home pretty late, so we decided to skip Life Group Sunday morning and just go to church. We had Chinese for lunch afterwards, and Alden headed back to east Arkansas.
I am the most thankful for her friendship.  I love having a friend who just understands me. We joke that we are soulmates, but it is no joke. She and I really are kindred spirits.  And I just thank The Lord for her friendship.  It was awesome to spend a whole weekend together!
Sunday after she left, I napped Daylight Savings away…then Tyler and I had Taco Bell dinner to try the new Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos (they were good.  #thisiswhyimfat)  We came home and watched the second installment of The Bible on the History channel.  A great evening, for sure. 
How was your weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend! I am glad that you got some girl time in with a BFF, that’s always fuN! 🙂

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