Weekend Recap: Work Baby Shower and Nursery Time

Weekend Recap: Work Baby Shower and Nursery Time

What a great weekend! (I know I say that a lot, but it takes a lot of not-great to ruin two days with my people off of work!).

When I walked into work Friday, I saw this ADORABLE set up waiting for our work shower. I wish I had gotten a pic of the table covered in gifts, but I mean, how stinking cute is this carnival table?

My coworkers don’t do anything small. We are GO BIG people. So this baby shower was no exception. Following the carnival theme, we had homemade cotton candy. Mark was spinning it up!

We had a great lunch with fun carnival foods and then opened gifts. After working for 4 years with most of these people, they know me. Got lots of practical things, but also some sequined bows. 🙂

So thankful for them, and to have another group of people anxiously awaiting baby girl’s arrival!

Friday evening, we were hanging out in the nursery doing a few things, and the dogs were trying to claim their spot on the glider. I forsee a very full lap soon- baby and two dogs!

Saturday I took Pip to the vet (poor bear has an allergy and won’t leave his paws alone!) and then we hung out at home doing laundry and such.

Saturday night, I went and walked around the mall with Tyler as he patroled during overtime. It’s nice that he has a job where I can spend a little time with him.  I just have to understand that we can’t always talk (when he’s watching a situation closely) and that sometimes he has to go handle things…but it’s great to be together!

Sunday morning, Mikey rolled in SOMETHING that stunk. So he got a bath before church for sure! Ick!

We did church and then some family downtime. Much needed rest. I’m more tired every day!

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