Weekend Recap: Workouts and Fun

Weekend Recap: Workouts and Fun

This weekend was good.  Quite a bit of time for rest, but still had lots of fun and was productive.

Friday after work, I met Brandy for dinner, and then we had a hot date with Manny the Mannequin for CPR training. 

After doing countless compressions and rescue breaths, we were certified and out of there.  I headed home to Tyler and we watched some TV before crashing.  Since he goes to bed early on Fridays (he works Saturdays), we were in bed pretty early.

Saturday, I got up around 8:15 and decided to hit the gym.  I did pilates and piloxing, got lunch with mom and dad, and came home.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, so I took the boys for a walk.  Mikey does this funny thing where he walks the first half of the walk just fine…but the second half (once we pass the driveway and head the other way) he will slow down, sit in the road, fake a limp (not kidding!) and be miserable…..until we turn around to head home.  Then he’s fine.  Happy, prancing, walking fast, fine.  Dramatic.

Saturday after Tyler got off work, he met me and my parents at the movies.  We saw San Andreas and it was great.  Afterwards, we got dinner and came home.

Sunday was a road trip to Hot Springs to see the family for Uncle Neil’s birthday.  It was good to see everyone and celebrate Uncle Neil.  We had lunch, walked to the lake, and headed home.

Dad CRACKED us up on the trip down there.  We were talking, and all of a sudden, around a curve, he goes “Wheeeeee!”.  Out of nowhere.  We died laughing.

Once I got back, we took the dogs for a walk (their second of the day! I had walked them Sunday morning too!), cooked dinner and watched a movie.

Here’s to a fun week leading up to my birthday Friday! 🙂


  1. Hahaha I had to laugh at your dog’s dramatics!! Too funny!

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