Weekend Recap: Workouts, Karaoke, and Deals

Weekend Recap: Workouts, Karaoke, and Deals

We had a fun weekend – lots of exciting things going on.
Friday and Saturday nights we spent our time at Beef O’ Brady’s for the karaoke contest.  I made it through the semi-finals to the top 10.  I didn’t win, but I did get a gift certificate for making it to the finals!  I did my best, had fun, and will say that the judges had a tough job.  There were lots of talented people there.
Saturday, my friend Brianne asked me to go to a Polga class at the pole studio.  They were offering a free class, so we decided to check it out.  It was a great workout.  A bit awkward using the pole and doing new moves, but I felt it all weekend.

After Polga, we jetted to Zumba.  I love taking Brandy’s class.  It’s so fun when your bestie is the teacher! ha!  After class, Brandy and I met up with Tyler for lunch at Chili’s.
Then Tyler and I ran some errands- finding him boots for his new job, shopping a bit, and getting a snack of fro-yo.  It was fun running around together.
Sunday, after church and lunch Tyler needed a hair cut, so he dropped me off at Target while he went.  I hit up their bundle deals (lots of Buy 3, Get One Free, and some Buy Two, Get a Gift Card deals).  I also used the cartwheel app.  I only paid full price for like 4 items.  It was a great trip.

We spent the afternoon napping, taking care of some things around the house, and then we had dinner at my parents’.
A great weekend!

August Goal update:
1. No fast food- Good!  Have eaten a few meals in restaurants, but have managed to plan so I’m not grabbing fast food. 
2. No bingeing. I had one day with a binge feeling, but managed to snap myself out of it. 
3. No chips and salsa. Good.  Actually have been around chips/dip 4 times now…and managed to eat like two chips total.  At Chili’s this weekend I ordered celery to dip the guac and salsa.  
4. Got my three mornings in last week.  Set the alarm, but overslept this morning…so need 3.
5. I’ve had one drink.  Oops.  I was feeling stressed out Friday at the karaoke contest.  But had a Diet Coke with rum, instead of something like a margarita.  Goal: no more drinks this month.

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