Weekend Recap: Zumbathon, 5k, and More!

We had a jam-packed supa-fun weekend.  But boy was I glad for Sunday evening to rest.
Friday after work, we had a Zumbathon! This one was 2.5 hours benefiting Relay for Life.  I was the organizer…which I love…but I get so stressed out last minute.  I may have snapped at a friend like 10 minutes before it started and then had to apologize like crazy.  I don’t like being the crazy bossy lady…but it happens.  Oh well.
There were 14 local instructors who helped.  The theme was “Dancing Through the Decades”
I started everyone off with a warmup.  I was a disco diva.  I got LOTS of compliments on the purple hair….and some people told me I should dye my hair that color (whaaaa?!).  And a couple people told me I looked like Effie from the Hunger Games, which totally made me happy.  If we had Halloween plans I would totes be Effie.
We had a great turnout!  About 60ish people and we raised over $600!
Tyler showed up to watch for a while!  I was excited that he got to see me in action.
And my biggest fan was there (of course!)  That’s my momma.
Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for a 5k at work.  It was super cold…but we bundled up and took off.  We were just walking..and we walked in 51 minutes.  It was actually pretty funny.  Mom has walked several 5ks and her record was 52 minutes.  We were closing in on the finish line and saw the timer at 50 minutes.  Mom suddenly said “Want to run?” and we took off so she could beat her time! ha!  (I had a lady take a picture of us…but it didn’t save….)
Then we went to breakfast at Bob Evans! YUM!  These are my moms: Mom and my MIL Nancy.

We shopped around all day: Kohl’s, Brick City Emporium, Inscriptions….and then we saw Pitch Perfect. It was aca-amazing. LOVED every minute of it.
We had dinner (a fat-kid diner dinner at Ed Walker’s) and then came home and taught mom how to shoot the bow!

We watched the OU game Saturday night at home…and slept.  We were pretty tired after all that Zumba and walking.
Sunday was church, lunch, doing stuff around the house….then my coworker Devin came over to take some family photos.  I am sure they turned out awesome and I can’t wait to share them!

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