Weekend Recap

What an eventful weekend we had!
Friday evening, we did dinner at home (tacos!) and watched “Moneyball”  Moneyball was a little bit slow, but towards the end it was interesting.  We are not baseball nuts, but it was interesting to see how the teams get put together.
Saturday, mom was here.  We did some shopping (Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby, Incriptions, Creative Kitchen and an antique store)…and lunch at Chick-fil-a (who knew their tortilla soup was sooo good and low calorie!?).  I got a few new things (some clothes, tennis shoes, a kitchen gadget, and two Fiesta bowls at the antique store).  After Tyler got off work at 4, mom, Ty, me and my MIL Nancy, all headed to Fayetteville.
We ate dinner at Kobe, our favorite Hibachi/sushi spot.  I tried to do good on my diet by ordering a California roll (instead of the fried, cream cheese filled rolls we normally get).  It was good.  Tyler and the moms split some decadent sushi (I did have one piece!).  Then we did a little shopping stop to kill time…then we headed to the Walton Arts Center for the BLUE MAN GROUP!
I honestly had no expectations for this other than it being great.  I had never seen a video or anything of the Blue Men.  First of all, they passed out earplugs as you went it, so I knew it was going to be loud and crazy!
(I did wear one earplug in my right ear.  That ear drum was torn years ago in an accident, and sometimes drumming bothers it.  I took it out about half way through and was fine.)
The show was AMAZING.  It was full of creative, interesting, entertaining things.  They do percussion, music, comedy, and it was great.  They played a xylophone-type instrument made of PVC pipe.  They played a song from the crunching of Captain Crunch cereal.  They did gross stuff (like play a strange version of chubby bunny, stuffing 20+ marsmallow things in their mouth…then making a sculpture out of them. ew…but funny).  They did some really neat stuff.  They also got the audience involved, which was fun.  We all had a GREAT time.
After the show, we walked up the hill on Dickson Street for some Orange Leaf yogurt.  Now, I am ALWAYS a Pineapple girl…but I’ll tell you, their holiday flavors were out.of.this.world.  Gingerbread and snickerdoodle won my heart.  I got a small bowl and tried not to blow my diet and weight loss!
Sunday, mom was going to go to church with us, but got a call that my Uncle Neil was being taken to the hospital, so she headed home.  (He has an absess in his colon….again.  They aren’t sure what to do with it…but he should be ok). 
We had a GREAT sermon at church about reaching the people in our world (your family, relatives, coworkers, and even the random people you come in contact with…like the girl at Sonic or the checker at the grocery store).  Very encouraging and challenging.
After church, we had lunch at Beef O’Brady’s with our friends Brooke and Warren.  They just found out they are expecting…so we wanted to catch up and hear the great news!  Their last name is Seals…and he wants to give it the middle name Navy.  Navy Seals! ha!
Then we came home, chilled a bit, hooked up our new Blu-Ray player….and watched The Hangover 2 and then the DVR’d Miss America.  My sorority sister Kristen was Miss Arkansas…and while she didn’t make the top 15, she did a great job representing our state!  I wasn’t too impressed with many of the finalists….I liked Miss SC and Miss OK….but I like Miss Michigan who won after watching her press conference online.  She has a great heart.  I will enjoy following her travels all year.
That was our weekend!  Some fun things for sure!  Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I love Kobe, but Wasabi is my fave! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

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