Weekend Review: Hail, Dogs, and Patti Lupone

Weekend Review: Hail, Dogs, and Patti Lupone

This weekend was a crazy one. LOTS going on.

It started Friday after work. I was meeting my friend Rachel at the mall after work.  I had JUST walked in and met up with her when Tyler called and said “You have TWO MINUTES to get your car under cover. HUGE hail is coming!” So we ran outside and got under the parking garage ASAP just as the hail started.  The parking garage was bumper to bumper for 30 minutes until it quit.

It was a good thing we got under cover. These are pics a friend posted from the parking lot at their work just a couple miles away!

After I met Rachel, I met up with Tyler for dinner. Then he went to work overtime and I went to mom’s for Fuller House. We’re almost through the first season. LOVING it.

Saturday,  I did some housework and met mom for a walk with the dogs.

I also spent some time training the boys with their new treats from Chewy.

I got these treats for free, but all opinions are my own. 🙂

These are little tiny crunchy bites from Good Dog that the boys LOVE.

I took full advantage of this love and captivated them for a training session.  We are working on sit and stay.  Doing pretty good! We are thankful that Chewy makes it easy to get treats and toys delivered right to our door so I don’t have to worry about making another stop to pick up food or goodies.


Saturday evening I met back up with mom for dinner. We had catfish buffet- and on Saturday nights it includes crab legs. Which we ate our weight in.

After dinner, we hit up the convention center for Broadway legend Patti Lupone. She rocked my world. Such a star. She was the original Evita (and PS. I felt the baby move- the “quickening” during Don’t Cry for Me Argentina! I’ve got a Broadway baby!) and she put on an amazing show.

Sunday was an off day. Wasn’t feeling great so spent a lot of time napping and resting. During the awake times, the boys played. Lots of this going on at our house lately and I LOVE it. For a while, Mikey wasn’t playing much, but he’s back and in full swing.


So that was my weekend! How was yours?

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