Weekend Review: Part 1

We had such an eventful weekend, I’m going to break it into 4 different parts!  So many pictures to share!
This weekend was BalloonFest in Poteau, OK.  We went last year to have a booth for Tyler’s motorcycle shop, and it was fun….but it was too windy for the balloons.  Thankfully this year, the weather was picture perfect!
I headed to Poteau after work.  Its about 30-40 minutes from town.  I was there in time to eat yummy fair food for dinner (had a delicious gyro) and sit at Tyler’s booth. 
 That evening, Nancy and I walked over to the Balloon Glow.  It was beautiful to see the balloons all lit up at night. 
Saturday was so eventful, I’m breaking it into three parts!  To come…


  1. How pretty are those pictures of the hot air balloons! I just love your blog and I am your newest follower.


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