Weekend Review

Friday night, we had a little River Valley Zumba meetup!  Some local instructors (and a few tag-along students) met for dinner and we had the BEST time!  So much laughter and fun!  We all had Zumba in common…but I enjoyed getting to know their life “outside Zumba”  Such a fun night!

Saturday morning, I was up early to head to Lake Fort Smith (about 45 minutes away) to teach Zumba at a women’s retreat.  It was for a local church.  They blessed me soooo much!  I got there and some women were still waking up…so we sang worship songs to draw them out of their rooms!  The lady in charge is a music therapist…so she brought all her instruments…and I got to play a drum!  I was quite excited!

We did Zumba (outside in the cold!) for about 30-40 minutes and then I hit the road to Hot Springs.

I spent Saturday cheering on my cousin Gavin at his basketball game, having lunch with the family, getting manicures with mom and Gram, and then I made them all a yummy dinner (recipe to come…this one was GOOD!).
Sunday, we slept in a bit and I made breakfast (french toast!) and we started cooking.  We made a Thanksgiving-style dinner.  Gram was in the hospital at Thanksgiving…and it was dad’s birthday….so for his birthday dinner we re-did Thanksgiving!  We made turkey, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and yummy creamed corn (also recipe to come!).  And mom made a delicious cinnamon cake.  We all went for a walk around the neighborhood and then I headed back home.
Last night, Tyler didn’t get home until 8 (he went dirt bike riding) so we crashed in bed early to watch some TV…and we were out around 10:30!
Now to take on the week!  We are looking forward to this weekend as we are hosting a superbowl party at our house!  Lots of cleaning and cooking in preparation!!

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