Weekend Update: Dallas Weekend

Weekend Update: Dallas Weekend

This weekend was a bit of a blur. We were from home to Dallas and back in like 24 hours. Then on Sunday we were busy. But it was a good one!

Friday after work mom and I headed south to Texas. We always stop at the casino in Durant when we travel on Friday nights because they have a crab leg buffet #priorities. It was a good dinner, but we didn’t get to the hotel until after 10:30, so we went straight to bed.

Saturday morning, we were at IKEA when it opened. I had found a bookshelf I wanted for the nursery (and yes, I know they have a tipover risk- we will be attaching it to the wall)…and we ended up getting mom a shelf thingy for her bathroom, a nightstand to go next to the glider, and a storage cart for next to the changing table/dresser.

SO many big boxes. The issue was when we tried to load it in the car!

It fit. But barely. The boxes came up onto the center console, so we were a bit squished on the ride home. ha!

After IKEA, we had a little time to grab lunch, so we hit Twisted Root Burgers.  We had it once before, and mom loved their gluten free buns, so we went back. It was delish.

However, we thought we had plenty of time to get down to the show after lunch. We had like an hour.

So, I put “Dallas Summer Musicals” in my phone and off we went. When we exited, I knew it wasn’t right.  We always see the shows at the Music Hall at Fair Park, and I knew we werent’ near the fairgrounds. Turns out we were at their office…and still have like 25 minutes to go (with only 30 minutes until showtime!).

Mom put the pedal to the metal and we made it with enough time to go to the bathroom before the show. Whew!

We saw Bullets Over Broadway. It was a sort of silly show. Not my favorite one I’ve ever seen, but there was lots of good tap dancing (which we love) and some good talent. I’m glad we went.

We headed out after the show and got home around 11 p.m

Sunday, Pippin woke me up pretty early…so I decided to put together a toy we bought at IKEA before church.

We did church, lunch, then we completed my Walmart Baby Registry.  Aside from adding random things we think about, we are DONE with baby registries. Yay!

After Walmart, we stopped for ice cream to reward ourselves. 🙂

When Tyler got home from work, he helped us unload the IKEA boxes, and he pretty much went to bed early (he worked a LONG day Saturday and then worked Sunday on like 3 hours of sleep).  I wasn’t tired yet (and was having pretty bad reflux when I laid down), so I cleaned the carpets in the nursery and put together the nightstand and the storage cart.

Hoping to tackle the bookshelf this week!

So that was the whirlwind weekend!

Lots of baby things crossed off the list! It’s crazy how someone so small requires so much work! ha!


How was your weekend, friends?

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