Weekend Update: Friends and Family

Weekend Update: Friends and Family

Last weekend was great for my heart. Full of family and friends and laughter.

Sometimes you just need your people, you know?

Friday evening was low-key since we had been busy all week. We had some downtime at home, which was great.

Then Saturday, I was going to meet my friend Amy for the farmer’s market, but we woke up to rain. So back to bed I went. I wasn’t mad about it.  I ended up sleeping until 10 a.m.! (Thank goodness the 3rd trimester sleeping issues haven’t started -yet!).  I got up and did some cleaning around the house and waited to hear from Alden.

She was coming into town with our friend Jessie to see another friend Haley. (are you following me? It’s complicated. ha!)

I met up with them once they rolled into town and we visited, had lunch, and then did some swimming at Haley’s parent’s pool. These girls are so great.  I mean, Alden is my bestie so I love spending time with her.  But Jessie and Haley and Alden are all my sorority little sisters, so I just love them.  Haley and I were never in school together (but since she lives here, we’ve had LOTS of fun times together), but Jessie and Alden and I have years of friendship. And the three of them go way back to high school. So it was just great to spend time with people who get you.  And Jessie brought her sweet baby girl, so that was great as well.

Saturday evening, by the time I got home, Ty was asleep on the couch, so another low key evening. 🙂

Sunday, I woke up and got ready for church.  When I got dressed, I thought “I have a picture in this dress!”  And remembered buying it in NYC back in February. Macy’s had a fake 7-month belly in their maternity department. Well, I’m 7 months now, so here was the real deal vs. the fake belly.  Pretty spot on! ha!

We did church then I ran some errands and came home to do some cleaning. That evening we met my family to celebrate our Gavin’s 14th birthday.  I can’t believe he is 14!  After dinner we all went putt-putt golfing. Mom CRACKED us up with her short putter.  We kept calling her short stick!

We had a great time all playing putt putt.  There were 10 of us there.  We joke that we have a small family, but I guess with 10 of us, we aren’t so small. ha!

It was a great weekend, but this week is busy. So I’m trying to stay ahead of the to-do list and truck on through! 🙂


How was your weekend?

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