Weekend with the Selfie Stick

Weekend with the Selfie Stick

So this weekend, I decided to break out the selfie stick that my MIL gave me for my birthday.  I had used it a couple of times before, but I broke it out all weekend long.  I got some laughs and looks, but it was a fun way to document the weekend.

Friday night was a show night, so I spent my free time inbetween work and the show at the gym.  But I didn’t work out.  I sat in the hot tub/sauna.  It was great.

Saturday, my family from Hot Springs came up to celebrate Luke’s 8th birthday.  He requested Chuck E. Cheese, so that’s where we went.

Selfie stick time with mom and my aunt Sandy.

And then with my mini-me Caitlyn. 🙂

And dad got in on the action, too.

Luke REALLLLY wanted Minecraft, and this was his reaction when he opened it.  Sweet boy.

After Chuck E. Cheese, we walked next door to the movie theater and saw Inside Out.  It was super cute.

Selfie stick at the movies!

Then the selfie stick came to the theater and got some fun in there.

This is all the ladies.  Aren’t we fun?!  I’m so glad to have these new friends!

And then I went to the green room to take a scary selfie with our flying monkeys!

Sunday morning, I decided to get some rest and sleep in.  When I got up, I texted mom and they were heading to the lake.  So I decided to join them for an hour or so until I had to head to the theater for the matinee.

Selfie stick at the lake!

And then I realized I didn’t have a picture of me as a tree, so I had someone take one for me.  I accidentally left the selfie stick at the lake with the family. Blurry, but you get the picture. 🙂 Also see my shadow- Bubba, our Toto.  I take him to his house after the show, and I’m his handler during the show….so he’s my buddy.

At the show Sunday, my bestie Brandy and her son Davis came to the show!  I was so excited to see them!

It was a great weekend.  I’m finally feeling a bit more rested and like “normal.”


I’m starting the Whole 30 today (more on that later), so be prepared for some food pics later this week!


  1. Alice Pattinson :

    All of them looks really enjoy in those selfie’s taken using a Selfie Stick Pro.

  2. Selfie sticks making the picture look amazingly better and groupie pics wow!! i say

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