The Weekend

Our weekend was pretty low-key.  I didn’t really take any pictures of anything, so this is just a written re-cap.
Friday after work, I went to get a pedicure, and ended up also getting a shellac manicure.  I tried a new salon and I LOVED it.  I haven’t found a place in town I was super happy with, and this place was clean, cute, and had the sweetest ladies working there (for you locals, it is just past Sparks on Towson- called Vantastic’s).  The only downside is they only had 2 people working, so I had to wait a bit, but they did a great job….and it was so reasonably priced.  I got a pedicure (that included a leg scrub, leg mask and hot towels) and a shellac manicure for $40!  I have paid $35 for a deluxe pedicure like that before!  
I got home and Ty was mowing the lawn, and it was getting kinda chilly outside…so I made chili and cornbread for dinner.  I tried mixing the ground beef with some breakfast sausage, and it sure did make for some yummy chili!  We just hung out on the couch watching TV (and I worked on my quilt).
Saturday, I got up and went to Zumba.  I am really enjoying being  a participant in Zumba.  It is so different than teaching.  It is nice to just follow along.  Then I went to Aldi to get groceries for the next couple of weeks and then came home, watched the Razorback game (it was sloppy, but we came back and won it!  Woo pig!), cleaned and then my parents got to town.  We went to the RC track to watch Tyler race his car, then my parents and I had dinner at a new place in town- Lawrence Bricktown Grill.  It was a little bitty place in a shopping center on the edge of town, but had really great service and good food.  We went back to the track to watch a few more races, and came home.
Sunday, I sang in church, so I had to go to both the 9:15 and the 10:45 services.  I went to the 9:15 by myself because Tyler and my parents were still getting ready….it was funny to go to a service I don’t usually go to.  Some people thought I was a visitor and were so welcoming!  It was great to see how people would treat a visitor who came alone. 🙂  After church, we went to chinese buffet and my parents left to go home.  I took a nap while Tyler watched Transformers (not really my kind of movie).  
Then we got up and went to the park!  It was great!  We played horsehoes, and Tyler pushed me on the merry-go-round!  I am so thankful that we live so close to a park.  The park in Hackett is really great with tons of playground equipment, a walking trail, like 6 horseshoe areas, several swings, a basketball court, sand volleyball and more.  It is like 5 minutes from our house.  I hope to spend more fun evenings there in the future.
We came home, ate leftover chili and watched the second Transformers movie.  I kept falling asleep, so I called it a night pretty early.  
A great low-key weekend for sure!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love ‘nothing’ weekends!

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Last weekend, I did what it seems I’ve been doing every Saturday- helping my sweet Tyler at his shop. I’m not a huge help as I don’t know much about his business, but he seems to really appreciate my being there and answering phones and ringing up customers.
So I did that. Then we went to see the A-Team.
Now this movie did have some language (but not enough for my sweet Mother-in-law to even be bothered by it) but it DID have some great plot twists, exciting action, good actors, and even a little romance. It was great for me, Ty, and Nancy to all see. We all enjoyed it very much.

Then we went to Red Lobster. Oh how I love Red Lobster. I love getting yummy crab legs and those biscuits. Yum-O.

(Just to make you drool.)

Then we spent a lazy Sunday at home. We made waffles in our new waffle maker using Batter Blaster. Its the coolest product…pancake and waffle battle in a can. No clean up! We liked it!Then we cleaned the house, Nancy came over for a little visit after she looked at some furniture in Fayetteville. Then we went for some Flying Burrito and grocery shopping. It was a good weekend.

Today Mom and Gram are coming for a short visit. Mom said she needed her Brittney fix! haha. It will be a fun little time with them though!

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