This Week’s Workouts

This Week’s Workouts

This week has been a little off.  I traveled Friday and Saturday last weekend, and we spent Sunday at Tyler’s family’s house.  So I didn’t get a chance to do much at home that needed done.  So Monday morning, I slept in.  No morning workout.

Monday night, we went to see American Sniper (which was GREAT, btw), and were out late. So, Tuesday morning – no morning workout.

I DID manage to go to my church group workout yesterday morning…and it was tough.  I’m super sore.  So this morning? No morning workout. ha!

I’ve taught Zumba Tuesday night, and I’ll teach tonight – and I’m hoping to get in a workout Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But let me say, that staying on track with my diet without the workouts (and without food prepping!) has been tough, but I’ve been doing ok.  I am not weighing this week because I don’t want to derail myself over a dumb number…but I’m still trucking – even if I haven’t gotten in all my mornings.



Sometimes you gotta sleep, sometimes you are sore – but I’m not giving up!


  1. You got this, Brittney. It’s not about the number anyway, trust me! It’s about how you feel overall and how your body is feeling to you.

    • Thanks, Kaylin! I mastered a healthy lifestyle a few years ago (lost a lot of weight, got good numbers at the doctor, etc.) but then life threw some curveballs and I went back to old habits. I’m working on reversing that now.

  2. It’s great that you working out when you can. I have go to get myself back into some type of habit when it comes to working out. By the time I am done with work each day, my body feels like it is done with me. I did do zumba a few years back and I really enjoyed it. I loved how empowering it was.

  3. Brianne Leonard :

    I just love that little fish! Sometimes your body needs rest. I’ve been giving myself some grace this week with not hitting my step goals (last year I hit it every single day starting in April until Thanksgiving). But I’ve been doing a super strict diet – and it makes me tired. I’m still lifting weights. So if I don’t hit a certain number of steps (or go to bed at 9pm) – it’s okay! AND I’m taking a 2 week break from the scale. As someone who weighs every single day – that’s very scary. But I needed a break from seeing the numbers. I never let the number bother me anyway – but there have been times I’ve focused too much on how my choices led to higher numbers; or if the number is decreasing rapidly, I use that as an excuse to indulge a little. So it was time for a break. I know what to do, and I’m doing it – the number on the scale will eventually come down. And if it doesn’t – I’m still healthier!

    • Those are all good words, Brianne! I agree….the scale isn’t the only measure of success. Sometimes you have to step away. You’re doing GREAT, so a little break from the scale won’t be a problem.

  4. Everyone has off weeks, proud of you for not throwing in the towel!

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