Week/Weekend Recap

Week/Weekend Recap

This is a recap of last week and last weekend. I’m behind on blogging. Life got busy. For the last day and a half I’ve been out of town with mom and dad since dad was having another eye surgery.

So let’s play catch up, shall we?

Last week on Wednesday, mom and I had tickets to see The Bridges of Madison County at the Walton Arts Center.

We stopped at our favorite Fayetteville spot before the show- Tacos 4 Life! The food is AMAZING and the mission is great. Every taco provides food for a child across the food. 
At work, we also had a gender pool going. Spoiler alert for the coming Gender Reveal post- It’s a Girl!  Baby GIRL is on her way!

This gender pool was funny though because several people saw it on Instagram and thought it was name suggestions.  The stars threw people off. The stars were a little side bet some of my coworkers had going. However, people thought they were our prospective names. Even my cousin annouced, “If it’s a girl it will be Devin, if it’s a boy, it’s Lyndsay.” ha!

My sweet MIL sent me blue and pink flowers before our gender scan. Having them on my desk to brighten my day is wonderful.

So that was the highlights. Next up…the 17 week update and gender reveal party!

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