Weigh In Wednesday: Go Time

So last week was birthday week.  My goal was to not do too much damage between celebrations and our weekend in St. Louis.

I think I did pretty well.  I had moderation in MANY things, and we walked a TON in STL.

But, considering it was a celebration week, and Aunt Flo is visiting (TMI? Who cares!)…I wasn’t super hopeful for this morning’s weigh in.

Last week (Week 1): 178
This week (Week 2):172.6

Difference of: 5.4

Boom. Blew my hopes out of the water!

I’ll take it.  It’s go time now.  Really working it! 🙂  Went to the gym Monday after work…and taught an extra Zumba class Tuesday.  I’m well on my way. 🙂 Here is hoping that I continue working hard.  I know I won’t see that kind of a loss consistently (the first week drop is misleading), but I’m thankful to see it working. 


  1. Girl, you go!!! That’s awesome!

  2. Whoop!!! You can do this!!!

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