Weight Loss Wednesday a Day Late

Well I really don’t need to be blogging this because I have no change to report this week.

I really can’t complain too much as I’ve been lackadaisical on my diet.

This past weekend we pigged out at Shorty Small’s, went wine tasting, and I had lots of tea (tea=caffeine which makes you retain water and not show weight loss).

So while I want to be mad that I haven’t lost, I can only be mad at myself for not being diligent in my food plan.

I also didn’t do the weight class on Tuesday at mom, Nancy and Caitlyn came to Zumba with me….so I am down a workout for the week.

Well, its ok, I suppose. Just gotta forget the excuse of “its summer! eat what you want!” and be a good little dieter. 🙂

Hoping for a good report next week!

Current status: 18 pounds to lose!

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