Weight Loss Wednesday- Feeling Good

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This week I have really stepped it up. I have added some weight workouts to my workout regimen. I have done the Body Sculpt class at the gym (which is right before Zumba that I teach! It makes me work so hard!) and Monday I did a step/abs/arms class which made my glutes and abs suuuuper sore! I forgot how much I enjoy working hard and feeling it later!

I also have been trying to sneak in more walking at work by trying to take a walk around the dealership (yes, in the heat!) every other hour. Its not a super long walk or anything, but spending 5 minutes moving every hour or so has got to be adding in some calorie burn!

I didn’t wear my BodyBugg over the weekend and only semi-watched what I was eating. For instance, we ate dinner Saturday at On the Border (one of my faves). I usually get fish tacos. I looked online, and the fish tacos were like 1400 calories! So instead, I got some lighter tacos (one for 180 calories and one for 320 calories) and grilled veggies instead of rice and beans. So those were better choices. But in turn, I also had chips, salsa and queso. But I guess my better choices were better in the long run than chips and queso ALONG WITH 1400 fish tacos. So that was a proud moment for me in being intentional in looking up nutritional info before I eat and making better choices.

I have lost 2 pounds! So what I’m doing is FINALLY working! Must have switched my body over to weight loss mode. When I would go to MRC, they would say (don’t know if its true or just a saying) that you are either gaining or losing….which are you doing? So now I’m losing! Woohoo!

Current status: 18 pounds to lose!

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